Changing Pad Cover & Topper - Green

Diaper Changing Pad Cover & Topper- Green


Keep your diaper changing station sanitary and chic with Oilo's two-tiered cotton changing pads with quick release quilted top. Featuring a sturdy, 100% cotton duck underpinning and a removable plush quilted top, Oilo's changing pad covers allow you to easily exchange and wash pad toppers without removing the entire cover. Covers are 16 inches wide and measure 32 inches in length.


:: Cover Fits Changing Pads up to 16” wide x 32” long. Changing Pad Not Included.

:: 100% Cotton Duck Underpinning

:: Removable Plush Quilted Top

:: Machine Washable

:: Cover and Topper are Included

:: Additional Toppers Available

:: Made in the USA

:: Patents Pending

Diaper Changing Pad Cover and Topper: $69
Extra Changing Pad Topper: $29

Your Price $69.00

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