Raindrops Bumper - Aqua

:: 100% Woven Cotton Canvas Bumper
:: 2-piece Bumper for Easy Cleaning
:: 12 Crib Ties for Secure Attachment
:: Foam Filled Bumper for Standing Durability
:: Zippered Slip Cover Bumper
:: Machine Washable
:: Made in USA

Swatch Set*: $2.00 (free shipping)
Swatch set includes three 4.5"x4.5" fabric swatches: Bumper, Sheet, and Skirt.

* We do not accept returns on fabric swatches.

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Your Price $170.00

Customer Reviews

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I'm a first time mom so I didn't really know what to look for in bedding, but I love that you can remove the foam and wash the cover. Plus the bumper comes in two pieces so it's easier to put the foam back in. The other day my baby threw up all over the bumper, instead of washing the whole thing, I took the one side of the bumper that got dirty, washed it and easily put it back without having to deal with a huge long bumper. Anything that causes me less work, I'm all for!
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So much better in person than on the website. Highly recommend.
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I never ordered a swatch before I ordered this bedding and was so happy to have such nice thick bumper and skirt. This will last through all babies so the money was so worth it. Plus it's the prettiest blue. It's so calming.
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