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Winter weather is fun to me for oh, about three weeks, and then I’m ready to move on! 

It is precisely at this moment in late January, that I really start craving a little greenery in my life. 

So especially right now, I love using lots of plants indoors to brighten our home. 

From the hardy cactus to the fluid fiddle leaf fig to flowering branches. . . each brings a feeling of life and vitality into our living spaces, both literally and aesthetically.

Here are a few ideas beyond the obvious (albeit lovely) “flowers in a vase”:

A few take-aways from all these pretty images:

Large potted plants look amazing in bathrooms! Because there are so many hard, solid surfaces in a bathroom, plants really warm up and bring life to this space.

You don’t need many flowers to make an impact. Buy a bouquet and pull out a few blossoms for your nightstand, a few next to your sink and a few on a shelf.

I love cactus plants in simple white pots. Find some good options here and here

Try placing flowering branches in a container of water inside a bucket or basket. Or you can place the flowering branch in a container filled with reindeer moss. Find live flowering branches here.

Mason jars make perfect vases for small bunches of flowers. Find a cute mason jar option here

Over the next few wintry weeks, try adding a plant or some flowers to each of your rooms, and notice how much they brighten your home.

In a few short weeks, we’ll be able to start seeing the first signs of spring, but until then. . . let’s bring the outdoors in!

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