Our Story

Though not an actual word, Oilo’s roots are steeped in the Hawaiian words, "lio" (small sprout) and "ho’oilo" (the cool, rainy season).

Every autumn, the Hawaiian sun weakens and tropical trade winds usher in magnificent storms that blanket the islands in a cool, cleansing rain. It’s not beach weather. It’s curl up on the sofa with a good book weather. It’s wrap your baby up tight and rock her to sleep in the moonlight weather. Mostly, it’s about sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the serenity of life.

That is why Oilo exists. We’re about turning your nursery into the most comfortable, clean, and carefree sanctuary in your home. Because a more enjoyable nursery, means a more constant and enduring bond between you and your baby — or, as we like to say, your little sprout.

Annalisa Thomas founded Oilo™ to fill a void in the category for high quality designer look and quality nursery and home décor without designer prices. With a degree in arts and background in graphic design, Thomas’ passion for creativity brings a fresh new approach to a clean, simple, and fashionable look for nursery and home décor. Her designs are inspired by her two children.

Dorte anderson, Co-owner Co-owner Dorte Anderson brings to Oilo™ more than 25 years of interior design experience specializing in custom décor. Her keen eye for detail and extensive background in commercial and residential interior design, coupled with founder Annalisa Thomas’ creative designs, creates an exciting new collection for chic décor solutions.
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