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St. Patricks Day

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I’m one of the few moms that kind of likes St Patricks Day. It’s such an easy holiday with low expectations so you can pretty much come out looking like a rockstar with very little effort. 

Our leprechaun always dye’s our milk green, leaves us Lucky Charms, gold coins and fake gold.

He also dyes our toilet bowl water green and leaves little green footprints here and there (thus the WASHABLE green finger paint below). 

I’m not one to go dress my kids in head to toe green, but Old Navy always has fairly cheap options if you’re in the mood. If you want something festive, that your kids can wear all year, check out our blog post here

If you hurry quick you can buy most of theses items online and have them on your doorstep well in time for St Patricks Day instead of digging through the kitchen looking for green food dye at 10pm the night before. Although... I’ve done that too, so no judgement here!

Happy St Patricks Day! 


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