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I’ll never forget the first time I stepped in our state’s first IKEA store.  Mind.  Blown.  Finally an option when your house needs something, but you don’t want to break the bank! Although I swear I can never leave the place in under three hours, it still remains a go-to for me.  Because I know how easy it is to get lost in there… I’ve narrowed in on some recent favorites, and forever classics to get your IKEA feet wet.


Trofast is one of the most genius and unique lines at IKEA! If you’re looking for awesome storage (especially for kids), check it out!  You can customize your shelving and drawers for exactly what you need.  These wall frames are so functional, and they add such a fun look to this room! 


The 365+ dinnerware line is one that I am now so totally in love with!  It perfectly combines practicality with style.  These are classic dishes, perfect for everyday use- or for entertaining.  You really can’t go wrong with any of IKEA’s dinnerware collections.  Our everyday dishes at home are IKEA, and for the amazing price, it’s nice to not have to stress if one breaks!  IKEA also has a beautiful 365+ glassware series that has the same classic practicality.  

DUKTIG Mini Kitchen Combination

It sure feels like at some point in every kid’s life (boy or girl), they go through a stage of wanting to play kitchen.  IKEA’s children’s kitchen is one of my very favorites!  Not only is it fun to play with, it is non-offensive to look at!  They also have really cute accessories to go along with it! 


Absolutely love these cork boards for kid’s rooms/ office areas.  They are inexpensive, so you can buy several and arrange them for a really fun display!


Tub and shower organization… yes please!  These are so inexpensive that replacing them or having multiple baskets is a realistic option.  The holes in the bottom allow for awesome drainage, and these keep our odds and ends nice and tidy in the tub at our house.


We all have these, right? It’s no wonder, because these really are the best and you can’t beat the price!  Perfect for feeding little ones, and the tumblers just so happen to be the go-to cup for the adults in our house! 


At first, I’d say that this is your go to highchair if you need to have an extra at the office, grandma’s house, etc.  However, the truth is- this chair has become the one I use all the time! It’s a perfect size, not taking up oodles of precious kitchen space.  It wipes off easily, and is extremely lightweight- making them super easy to move around.  Under $20… can’t beat it!


This is one piece of IKEA furniture that has stood the test of (kid) time in our home.  I’ve used it in both a nursery and a big boy room, and they’ve both held up great!  It’s made of solid wood, with smooth running drawers, and it looks great!  They are always changing the availability of colors, and an easy option is to change out the drawer knobs for a fun touch!


You simply can’t beat IKEA’s prices on things like vases (same can be said for frames and candle holders).  I love stocking up on a wide variety of these to have on hand to decorate with for any occasion.  They have several other vase lines that are just as classic, useful, and reasonably priced! 


Did you know IKEA has wrapping supplies?  If you’re anything like me, you love nicely wrapped packaged, but hate wasting money on overpriced wrapping materials.  IKEA is the place to find darling prints, great gift bags, and lovely gift accents! 


I have these lamps in my house, and I get asked about them constantly.  People always seem surprised to hear the price and that they are IKEA brand! They are contemporary and simple, but have some flair that adds a little dimension to the room!


I love a good throw, and IKEA has several good ones that cycle through.  The Ofelia has been a staple for a while now, and it’s one that I have used in so many ways!   With its fluffy dimension, it looks great as a throw on a bed or chair, photographs awesome as a backdrop for a little one, and is super comfy to use just for snuggling. 

The favorites are endless at IKEA, and they are ever changing and evolving!  Can’t wait for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons to take advantage of their awesome storage boxes (spring cleaning!), and their perfect pots for planting!!

Happy Ikea-ing!

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