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Lepow Pokie External Battery Pack 10,000maH: $29.99- Amazon

Maybe I am late to the game, but if you-like me-deal with a paralyzing fear of a dead phone battery (that was a little dramatic), then look no further! I recently discovered the joy that comes from having an external battery pack. It is ideal for traveling, but I never leave home without it. You never know when you’re battery is going to venture into the red, and with this little device, my fear of a dead battery is gone.

I purchased the Lepow POKI External Battery Pack, and besides being the best looking charger around, it also performs top notch all the time. After charging my battery pack, I am able to charge my iPhone 6 at least 3 times before I have to charge it again, and the charge time seems faster than just plugging it into my wall. It is thin, lightweight, and comes with a snazzy carrying case. It is also compatible with all iPhone versions, iPads, Samsung and other smart devices. Probably my favorite thing about it is that with one charger, I recently kept my phone up to snuff throughout an entire day full of Disneyland picture taking, and then used it on the way home to charge up my son’s Kindle! It also doubles as an awesome gift. I gave one to each of my siblings this Christmas, and every single one of them has said it has been their “favorite present.”

I love my Poki charger, but I know there are tons and tons on the market that can serve the same purpose. Check out this article about some top battery pack picks: 15 of the Juiciest Portable Battery Chargers Money Can Buy. 



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