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You know how with some trends you have to see them for a year or so before they even begin to appeal to you?

That's usually how it goes for me. But, this little “florals paired with stripes’ trend had me hooked at first sighting! I've used it in my wardrobe, for gift packaging, and in my home. It's fresh & fun & a little unexpected. Of course, as with most trends, the first place I spotted this one was in the fashion world. 


striped shirt + floral skirt = insta style

But being the somewhat cautious trend-tryer, I tested the waters slowly by starting with some gift packaging I had to do for an event.

paper gift bag + floral paper tag + striped tissue = trendy little gift bags

As an interior designer, one of my most frequent pieces of advice is to keep trends limited to items that can be easily and fairly inexpensively switched out. Using throw pillows in stripes & florals is a perfect way to freshen up one of your rooms

bold black and white striped pillow + a vintage inspired floral pillow = instant update

If you love this trend, but are still a little unsure, let me offer one fail-proof tip: Keep your striped pattern black and white. Almost any floral pattern will work, large or small, vintage or bold, but if you keep the stripes black & white, you're guaranteed to get that fresh, hip look that this trend is all about!


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