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Fall Fashion for Baby

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Why is baby fashion just so darn cute? The tiny little features that fill out the tiny little clothes. I just can’t get enough!! Ever since having a baby, I have no interest in looking or buying clothes for myself anymore…It’s all about the baby clothes! And what is even better than baby clothes? Fall baby clothes. I love the warm tones that look so yummy on a baby! 

Here are two perfect fall outfits for a baby boy, and a baby girl! Trust me…you need these outfits for your little ones. 

{Baby Boy Fall Outfit}

Western Shirt 


Maroon Leggings


 Navy Striped Beanie


Brown Moccasins


{Baby Girl Fall Outfit}

Pink Top 

Cream Dot Jean

Cream Headband

Gold Moccasins


Kaitlin is a first grade teacher turned stay at home mom to her sweet new baby boy Nash.


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  • Hey I was wondering how to order the whole fall outfit for my baby girl.
    How much is it all and how long would it take to get. I would need it by next Tuesday for pictures!
    Thanks, Amy

    Amy Genrich on
  • Thanks for shnarig. Always good to find a real expert.

    Mougan on

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