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Are you busy getting all your little spooks ready for all the Halloween festivities that are right around the corner? 

We have moved a few times during my kids’ elementary school years and each school is a little different in how they celebrate this holiday.

My favorite however, was the school where all the kids and teachers dressed up for the entire day and went on a parade around the block, with the principal leading the way.  Math class is so much more fun dressed up as a winter fairy. (Although I will admit, perhaps not quite as effective!)

Childhood is so short, so I love creating little magical moments along the way as much as I can. And when I don’t have the time or energy to be the magical-moment-maker, I am always so grateful for those others who do!

So if you are one of those parents on duty this year for helping make Halloween a little whimsical and magical, here is a little neighborhood or classroom Halloween party game you can try.

Tarantula Toss is a game I’ve used for lots of Halloween parties and it never fails to bring lots of smiles and laughs to all those little princesses and detectives and goblins.


- 5 small tins

- lots of small toss-able prizes (small erasers work really well because they are heavy enough to easily toss)

- a couple handfuls of small, plastic spiders

- adhesive putty (to help keep tins + spiders in place)



1. Tape off a toss-line that the children stand behind as they toss items into the tins

2. Give each child 10 small, toss-able items

3. Each child takes a turn tossing their items, one at a time, trying to get as many as they can inside the tins

4. Children keep all the items that make it inside the tins (This can be modified to whatever is best for the group you are playing with—ie, uniform prize for all participants or everyone gets to keep at least one, etc.)


- use a chalkboard sign to display the name of the game

- as a backdrop for the tins, use a large black picture frame with a removable back (wrap foam board or the existing picture in brown wrapping paper)

- scatter spiders all around--with a creepy, crawling line of spiders leading to the game

- use adhesive putty to keep the tins + spiders in place


Author & Photography: Tiffany Lasson

Website: gillargirl.blogspot.com   

Instagram: gillargirl

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