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Before becoming a mom, I wore my workout clothes and actually worked out. Now that I am a mom, I just throw on my comfiest clothes even if I don’t get to work out that day. My comfiest clothes usually consist of my workout clothes. I am pretty picky about what I wear when working out. They have to be fitted on the bottoms and soft and baggy on the tops. I also love a good workout jacket to top off any outfit. Here are some of my favorite workout clothes that I cant get enough of. 


I love these bottoms. They are cute and comfortable and moveable. The perfect workout pant.

 This jacket is so cute, I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time. It is the perfect workout jacket to throw on and go.

 I really can not get enough of Gaps breathable t shirts for working out. They are so soft, I love slipping it on before I head out the door.

I am obsessed with this tank top

 I love Lulu lemon workout clothes, but I especially love their jackets. They are the best! 

I’ve been eyeing this yogini Lulu lemon shirt. It fits amazing and I love how it is baggy so it can be thrown on with workout pants or leggings on a casual day. 

I have an obsession with Nike shoes. I love working out in them. These shoes are my favorite tennis shoes I own. I wear them ALL the time. I love them so much. You need to get yourself a pair! I promise you will love them. 

I love these sports bras. They are so comfortable and not to mention cute! 

I also LOVE this jacket. If you feel like your deserve a splurge right now, this one is worth it.

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