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I love a good lipstick, plain and simple. I like to think that it can add just the right flare to any outfit. It can be worn casually with t-shirt and jeans or can be worn with a fancy dress. No matter how you like to wear your lipstick, you can’t go wrong. I made list of all of my favorite lipsticks that are in my lippy collection. 

{Snob} This is the perfect pink color for any day. I wear it all the time. 


{Tolede} I love this lipstick so much. It is the perfect winter color. 


{Blankety} This is more of a light pink color. It is very subtle and goes with anything & everything. 


{Richer Raisin} I love this dark color. It is the perfect addition to any winter outfit. I also love it because although it is not a “lipstick” the color goes on perfectly and lasts a long time.  


{Crème Cup} I love this light pink color. Is it soft and buttery and perfect for any day with any outfit. 


{Gossamer Wing} This color is the perfect nude color with a little hint of gold. 


{Lady Danger} The perfect RED. End of story. 


I have to share these lip glosses with you. I am a lip gloss snob. These NYX lippies are my favorite glosses I’ve ever tried. Just trust me on this one. They are soft and buttery and they stay on good. They are called ‘Butter Gloss’ and I truly love all of the colors. 

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