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Quinny Moodd Stroller Giveaway

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I have mentioned before and I'll say it again, when it comes to baby products, you could say I am a seasoned veteran. Being in the baby industry on top of having now 4 little ones of my own, I have had the opportunity to test a variety of products through the years, and have come up with some front runners I had to share with you! A few weeks ago I shared my two favorite "new to the scene" baby products here, and today I have a must have stroller! 

When I found out we were having Baby #4, a stroller definitely wasn't on my list of needs/must haves. My garage was home to a couple old umbrella strollers and even some others that had worked just fine for my other kids. But then I saw the Quinny Moodd. And you guys...I was in love! There is the obvious sleek modern look that pulls any mama in, but then I started to read about the features it came with and I was sold. And now that I have had it and have tested it out in all different situations, I couldn't be happier!

Here is what I love most: 

First, let's talk about the maneuverability. Have you heard the saying "it turns on a dime"? Because I think it was written about this stroller! As a busy mom, and usually having other kids or bags in tow, your hands can become full pretty easily. I can drive this stroller with ease using just one finger! This especially comes in handy when you are somewhere like an outdoor mall with lots of doors to get in an out of quickly. I can use my strength to hold the door open and easily glide the stroller through, instead of having the awkward moment of having the door close on you because you can't push fast enough and get stuck! (Raise your hand if you've experienced that fun mommy moment!) 

Another thing I love about the Quinny Moodd is how EASY it is to set up and put back down. There is nothing more annoying than trying to take a quick walk or trip to the mall, and spending half of your free time trying to get your dang stroller set up! I wanted something that was quick and easy for me to do BY MYSELF, so using the stroller didn't have to be something I had to have my husband  around to lift or a team of scientists to figure out how to put it back down. You simply unlock the stroller and bam, it opens right up all on its own! Buh Bye Grunting and sweating (and maybe swearing) every time you go out! 

The Moodd is full of bonus features my whole family has grown to love too! The adjustable handle is our favorite. Since it is adjustable it makes it quick and easy to switch from my husband (6 feet) pushing at a comfortable level, to me (5'4"), to my little 6 year old with one simple click. 

The extended length of the shade cover is another one. It actually covers your baby from the sun (imagine that!) and still looks so sleek and stylish whether up or down. 

And the wheels! Living in a rural area, our road and sidewalk can be full of rocks and stickers. I have had to pump and repair more stroller wheels than I'd like to admit, but not these! They are a hard plastic combined with shocks, so the ride is always smooths and flat tire free! 

As you can see, this stroller has become a family favorite! We wanted to share the stroller love, so we've teamed up with Quinny to give one lucky reader a Quinny Moodd of their own to love! Just make sure you are following @oilostudio + @quinnyworld and then just put in your email below to enter! 🎉🎉



Quinny Mood Stroller Giveaway!

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  • What an amazing giveaway! Pregnant with baby number two, this would be a blessing! Thank you!

    Diana drotenko on

    Nancy Hermansen on

    Alejandra García on
  • Beautiful stroller!! Awesome review!! ❤️

    Stayce Tackley on
  • Wow, as a Mama to 4 amazing boys & another on the way. I have ALWAYS dreamed of having such a Beautiful Stroller! Words truly wouldn’t be be able to describe how beyond grateful we would be to win such an incredibly Loving & Generous Giveaway. I have been a long time fan of your amazing products as well. This mama would be crying huge crocodile tears full of pure excitement & gratefulness for many years ahead to be so blessed! Thank you so much for this very loving chance! Wishing everyone the very best of Luck.

    From our loving family,
    Holly & family

    Holly Hicks-Guski on

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