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Top 6 Fall Booties

Is there anything better than slipping on some booties on a crisp Fall day? I really think that booties can make an outfit. I came up with my top 6 favorite booties from Nordstrom that can be paired with any warm and cozy outfit for the perfect touch. 

This warm putty color goes with EVERYTHING! I can’t say enough about the goodness of these booties, They are amazing in all areas. Comfort. Quality. Color. 

One word… LEOPARD

I love these because they can be dressed up and down all at the same time. I love the small heel that makes them so versatile. 

Black suede booties and fringe…What more could you want?

I am pretty sure these are the perfect ‘heeled’ booties EVER. Plus the color options are all the perfect tones. Throw these on with some skinny jeans and you are good to go.

I love these. How cute would they be with tights peeping through? LOVE.

With these six options, you're sure to have the perfect finishing touch to your fall style! 

  • Kaitlin Moyes
  • Fashion

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