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We are having so much fun working with our finalists on the Design Challenge. Each week we will be highlighting four of the finalists progress on their nurseries, and how they feel things are going. If you haven't heard about our Design Challenge you can see the details here and read about the 8 finalist here.


The little details are starting to come in eek!! Today the most perfect California beach prints arrived from Lovely Tide Shop which will complete the gallery wall section of the room. Can't wait for the wallpaper to go up next week and share with you all. I'm getting so excited seeing my vision slowly come to life. I have to admit this has been a bitter sweet design process as this was once and still is Dillon's nursery until we move him to this big boy room. So many memories with him in here but also exciting to know that he soon will be able to share those with his baby brother. 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @Widellboschetti



Operation nursery is officially underway! 

This room used to be our movie theatre/game room – think dark and cozy! With that in mind, the accent wall was painted a dark crimson red and the surrounding walls were a dark tan. And just like the movie theatre, we had crimson red velvet window treatments. We are talking the complete OPPOSITE of the nursery design colors we had planned. We picked out several different paint shades within a neutral palette and tested them on the walls, we ultimately decided on Castle Beige by Behr. It is a very neutral beige with hints of grey. I left the house for the day while my dear husband primed and painted all the walls. Primer is no joke, the smell is brutal! It was so different seeing the room so airy and bright for a change, it looked so much bigger! 

I then came up with the idea of doing a wallpaper accent wall for the crib. We poured over hundreds of different wallpapers, but when we saw the Cole & Son Woods wallpaper, we knew that was it and it ultimately provided the rest of the inspiration for our nursery. Being that this was our first go around with hanging wallpaper, we did not know what the process entailed. This particular paper requires the wall to be primed and then a glue applied directly to the wall. Oh my poor husband he is so patient! Yup, back to priming the freshly painted wall that he spent countless hours on. As you can see from the photos, it was beyond worth it. The finished product is just BEAUTIFUL! This is slowly becoming my favorite room in our home.

A fun fact about me: I am 5’11 and yes, I still wear heels which gives me even more height! My friends jokingly came up with the nickname Baby Giraffe one day and well, it stuck! With that being said, I showed up to my parent’s house the other day and my mom surprised us with a nearly 5 foot tall stuffed giraffe. I fell in love immediately, the perfect addition to look over our little man’s crib. Pretty soon there will be a new Baby Giraffe in town!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @call_me_cupcake 



We are taking one large room and splitting it into two smaller rooms- one of which will be the nursery (so my sister can have all 3 of her little kids upstairs). This week the new wall was framed! We also had a planning meeting where we hashed out and finalized each item going into the nursery and created an ordering schedule. I ordered some beautiful curtain fabric and found some perfectly colored pompom trim for the curtains. I also ordered some fabulous hardware for the dresser we'll be using- I cannot wait for it to arrive!! I think our biggest challenges are working with a small room and budget- but both bring opportunities for fun and creative solutions!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @nataliehurstinteriors  



I never thought I would become a finalist in the Oilo nursery design challenge, so when I created my first dream nursery board I designed it for a little girls room. I however only have a little boy so when I was chosen as a finalist, I chose to change up the design of the room just a little bit so that I was able to use it in my little boys current room. I love the subtle soft colors of white, cream, gold, and blue. I thought it would give the room a very calming feel, so that is what I decided to go with. Because I am a full time student in school and happen to also work, on top of being a mother the only challenge I have really faced this far, is finding the time to work on the Nursery. I am excited to get to work this week and watch my dream nursery slowly come to life! 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @rwhatcott7 

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