I am Annalisa, the founder of Oilo™ Studio, and I appreciate the curiosity that many of you have expressed regarding the individuals behind our brand. Established in 2009, Oilo Studio emerged from a personal journey, born shortly after the arrival of my first child. The venture gained momentum when my husband, drawing on his finance and economics background, dedicated himself to Oilo on a full-time basis about a year into its inception.

Our success is not solely attributed to our efforts but is the result of the collaborative contributions of numerous skilled individuals. With their support, Oilo has exceeded our initial expectations, evolving into a thriving business that extends its reach across the United States and Canada.

On a personal note, I am now a mother of four beautiful children, and Oilo has become more than a business—it is a testament to the dedication of our team and the passion that fuels us. We are proud to share that our brand has garnered recognition through features on prominent television networks, in reputable magazines, and through associations with notable personalities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have embraced Oilo with the same passion that motivates us. Your support is what propels us forward, and we are committed to continuing to deliver products that resonate with your appreciation for quality and design.