Design Challenge Update Week 4

A month has gone by and our Design Challenge is moving right along! Here are some new updates from four finalists. If you want to read about how our Design Challenge got started you can see the details here and read about the 8 finalist here. You can also view the progress from Week 1Week 2, and Week 3.

Jenica Parcell

The biggest news since our last update is that we had our gender reveal party and found out that we are having a boy AND a girl!! We recorded it and put it up on Tyler and I found out with both of families there. I had my neighbor wrap up two boxes, one each with the matching color of baby moccasins with the ultrasounds that we had done earlier that day. It was so incredibly special! Not a day goes by that I don't feel grateful and in awe that this is finally us! We get to decorate a nursery! When I walk past a window, I can't help but smile as I see my fast growing baby bump. It has really started to pop in the last two weeks!

Now that we know the genders, the nursery has really starting moving along. We ordered our gliders from Oilo in a soft white faux leather. Since we are having two babies, we decided we needed two! Our cribs, mattresses and bassinets have arrived and are waiting patiently to be put together ;)  I also ordered the curtains, a small table, a mirror, a bookshelf and gold poufs to put our feet up on when we are rocking our babies. The bedding from Oilo is also on it's way. The nursery color scheme we decided on is gray, pink and gold. I can't wait for everything to arrive so we can start to put it all together!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @asliceofstyle


Aly Cook

This week my main focus has been on picking out paint colors for the nursery. Deciding on a paint color is always a struggle for me. There are just so many colors to choose from and they all have an undertone. I always go through a ton of paint samples and I am probably the most indecisive person... the struggle is real! Then I found Sherwin Williams cool app ColorSnap where you can take a picture or use one off of Pinterest, and you pick out colors from the photo and they tell you what paint color it is. So that helped me narrow down all my options. I think we have finally decided on the color Languid Blue. So this week the painting will get done and the room will be on a roll! I can hardly wait!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @alsters


 Alissa Dias



We are very excited because today we fly home so we can really start to get our hands dirty in this challenge. We left our nursery started with a gorgeous Tness Tpee and some accents for the playtime nook. I'm a big fan of small businesses and can't wait to showcase some of my favorite shops in the nursery. The notable mentions we have waiting for us include a rug, lighting and our favorite art from Minted. 


 You can follow her progress on Instagram @alissadias362


 Jackie Konczol

There are still so many little things we need to do to complete the nursery, but it's exciting to see the main furniture pieces come together. I'm loving the extra wide dresser my husband built. The bedding from Oilo is absolutely perfect. The diaper pail from Ubbi just came in and oh how I wish I had this for my first daughter as well. What I'm most excited about is the pink chandelier! It has made all the difference in the room so far.

You can follow her progress on Instagram @jkonczol

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