Design Challenge Update - Week 5

We are now into our 5th week of updating how the designs of these rooms are coming together. Progress is being made and we couldn't be more thrilled with it. If you wanted to catch up on the previous weeks you can do that here.

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This week I have been busy in the Nursery trying to piece together the right decor to stand out against the wall. Like I have mentioned my theme is blue, gold, white, and tan. I love neutrals as well so I am trying to piece together those in my nursery. I have ordered a glider from Wayfair and some cute art decor and lamp shade from Minted so I am beyond excited to receive those and put them in the room. Once I receive those I feel like the room will come together quite well. My biggest challenge in this design contest once again is finding time. I heard this quote recently that said "You have the same amount of time in your day that Beyoncé does". So that was a good reminder that even though I am beyond busy lately with work and school finals I can find the time to do other things in my life as well such as work on the Nursery. Once again thank you for following along on this journey. I can't wait to show you guys the final results. 

This is a before picture of the Nursery that I am working on. See the yucky yellow walls I have to work with. You can follow her progress on Instagram @rwhatcott7 



We received our Minted art and got it hung. It is so pretty!! The brass curtain rod is hung and the curtains are being made. Hardware is on the dresser and the rug got delivered yesterday! So exciting to see things come together! 


 You can follow her progress on Instagram @nataliehurstinteriors 



You all have read in my previous posts that my challenge with this room has been transitioning my once perfect little nursery for Dillon into now Landon's nursery. When designing for a client it is so much easier for me to make decisons as there is no emotion attached but in this case its all emotions haha. Most of the decor since it was all safari themed is going into D's big boy room except there have been a few small things like these pillows that work out great with this new beachy boho feel. These pillows I will never forget were one of my favorite finds at Homegoods. I love the textures, quality, and most of all the colors. At first when I was thinking about pillows for the day bed I was thinking I would get new ones but then after seeing the room come to life I realized these worked and it was nice to be able to keep some "old" in this new room. I hope you all are enjoying the updates on Landon's nursery. I think its super helpful for others to see how you can fully transform one room many times while still using the same layout and large furniture pieces. Its nice for us moms having more then one kid, especially when on a budget :)

You can follow her progress on Instagram @Widellboschetti



Well we can go ahead and just check that off our list! I had been searching everywhere for a tree stump side table for Mav's nursery and found out these things are ridiculously expensive! My husband would not have been thrilled with me if I spent $300 on one! Remember, I’m not afraid to get my hands a little dirty. I grew up watching my dad do all sorts of fun projects in the garage and I it definitely rubbed off on me, so I used my resources, found the perfect cedar stump (thanks to my mother-in-law) and got busy pulling off the bark and sanding this baby down! After 2 coats of a clear satin sealant, it came out BEAUTIFULLY!! There is just something so cool about saying "Yeah, I did that!" And don’t worry, my husband bought me this Darth Vader looking respirator mask so I can stay actively involved in all the projects without inhaling or ingesting any harmful chemicals. Safety first!

Next up, we are turning this gorgeous tufted chair into a rocker for nursing and bedtime story telling. Believe it or not, we found this gem at the San Diego Swapmeet a few years ago for $14.00, but it needed work! My aunt’s family owns a furniture reupholstery shop and we had it transformed into its current state – It’s gorgeous and looks like a thousand bucks. We didn’t get much use out of it while is sat in our master bedroom and became “that chair.” You know, everyone has one, that one that you drape clothes on or the fancy pillows from the bed that you aren’t allowed to sleep with and you never see its beauty again. Not anymore! It is very comfortable and it’s winged back with provide awesome support for breastfeeding. Stay tuned! 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @call_me_cupcake

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