Design Challenge Update- Week 6

We are six weeks into our Design Challenge! Everyone is making huge progress. Only a few more week and the room reveals will be posted and voting can start. If you wanted to catch up on the previous weeks you can do that here.

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Alissa Dias

Our nursery actually looks somewhat like a nursery now! The day after we landed back on the island we went straight to Babies R Us (our one and only option for nursery furniture here) and ordered our crib, dresser and glider. They had the crib in store but the other two should get here like...5 days before the photographer comes. *Gulp* Fingers crossed it comes earlier! We were so excited about everything we went home to pick up the truck to bring home the crib that we totally forgot that we have to buy a matress haha. Everyone should be buying stock in Babies R Us right now thanks to this Challenge. 

You know the saying, "measure twice, cut once"? They should also have a "measure twice, swipe your credit card once" saying. We got our rug delivered and layed out only to realize it was WAY too big. Oops! So a new, smaller rug is on its way over. 
I also did some DIY on a wall scone to bring in some color. I added a minty green and a flat finishing coat and am just loving the results.

You can follow her progress on Instagram @alissadias362


Jackie Konczol

Soft details are starting to come together for the nursery. I'm not sure where each piece will be placed yet, but I love seeing them next to each other and I have even more pillows coming in. The Oilo pillow will likely stay in the crib with the kitty pillow and boppy with custom cover (which was lovingly sewn by Fox Hill Baby using a pretty floral fabric from Minted). The doll from my company, The Doll Kind, will likely sit on a shelf with some books. I'm so very eager for the final reveal and can't wait to see all the completed nurseries by the finalists. 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @jkonczol


Aly Cook 

So the nursery is really starting to come together! This week we not only got the room painted, but we also painted our old crib. We went on a family trip to IKEA and got a dresser that will double as the changing table. Those things seriously come in like a million pieces... Thanks to a very nice, patient, handy husband, and 6 hours later, we have a dresser! The rug came which was a huge relief because they delivered it to the wrong house. Now most of the big furniture items are in the room which is exciting! So now its on to the little details. I think I finally decided on the hardware I am going to use on the dresser to change it up a little bit. Then it is just a couple more little projects. I might start washing the little baby clothes too. I mean little baby clothes might just be one of my all time favorite things! 


You can follow her progress on Instagram @alsters


Janice Parcell

There have been a lot of items that have arrived for the nursery and we have set up one crib! We are doing a lot of organizing and construction (finishing our basement right now) in our house, so we are going to be setting up our new purchases as soon as we can move some items out of some of the other rooms. It's so much for fun to see it all come together! We have our big 20 week ultrasound today and my belly is growing at a very rapid pace. It will be fun to see our babies!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @asliceofstyle


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