Design Challenge- Week 7

7 weeks!! The Design Challenge is in full swing and things are looking great! If you wanted to catch up on the previous weeks you can do that here.

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Danielle Hampton

When I called my parents and asked them if I could use my old dresser in the nursery, they were thrilled - one less thing to trip over!

When we originally purchased this dresser for my 16th birthday room makeover, it was untouched pine. No stain, just a clean canvas. I opted to do a very dark Cherrywood color. It looked beautiful at the time, but not for my current plans. I showed my dad my idea for the dresser from my design board and he urged me to paint it instead. Pine is very soft and absorbs stain and it is hard to undo what is done. Me being the stubborn person I am (I get it from my dad, so he should know I wasn’t going to listen), set up the sander, put on my Darth Vader mask and got to sanding. At one point my dad walked by and saw the clean, beautiful wood underneath and I gave him a look like, "Ha! I told you so!" LOL! He was impressed with my diligence, because deep down he knew he would have done the same thing if he really had his mind set on something. It became a family affair, my mom and grandma jumped in and helped. After two solid weekends at my parent's house sanding, this baby was ready for some stain. We loaded her up, got her back to our condo and I once again got to work with my mask on. I mixed two stains from Minwax, Weather Oak and Classic Gray. We then purchased new drawer pulls and everything else fell into place beautifully. Not going to lie, I am really patting myself on the back over here, we achieved EXACTLY the look we wanted and only spent roughly $75.00 on supplies and hardware. 

I am absolutely loving the mix of all the different elements of the wood, brushed gold accents and the adventurous feel. I will be sure to share all shops once we have the BIG reveal, as each piece is so special and has really brought our nursery to life!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @call_me_cupcake




Barette Widell

I have to say I luck out when designing our home as my husband really lets me go with my vision and doesn't butt in much. Recently he has been getting creative with DIY pallet furniture for his business and came home with an awesome L shaped sign for the nursery. It was so sweet of him and to me meant so much especially since it was made by him and without my suggestions! I thought what else could I have him make for the nursery haha. So now I am going to be putting him to work to make some more DIY accent pieces . I really can't wait to share them all with you soon........

You can follow her progress on Instagram @Widellboschetti


Natalie Hurst

It is so fun to see everything coming together! Since our last update, the lotus light fixture has been installed- its gold finish and the brass curtain rod and rings compliment each other perfectly! Most importantly, our custom curtains are done and are ahhmazing. The satin texture and the pom pom trim make the room! This coming week we'll be installing the tapestry...and coming up with a way to hang two large brass bird handles on the wall (buy the perfect hardware now, figure out how to install later?!



You can follow her progress on Instagram @nataliehurstinteriors 


Rachelle Hatterman

Let's just say it has felt like Christmas over here lately as my nursery items that I ordered have been arriving. I'm in love with the raindrop collection bedding that I received from OILO this week. The colors matched perfectly with my nursery decor, and I am so excited to show you guys the room details. This week I was able to put up my cute decals that I received from urban walls, so look forward to seeing that in upcoming posts! They have the cutest wall decals, it was so hard to pick which ones to go with! I finally decided upon the gold metallic triangle decals. They are a perfect touch to the nursery. This has been a fun challenge and I can't believe we only have less than a month left till the big reveal. I hope you are all as excited as I am! 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @rwhatcott7 


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