Creating A Summer Bucket List With Your Kids

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Here's the thing.  I really don't like to be overscheduled.  The feeling of waking up in the morning and not having one thing on the calendar is pure bliss to me.

However, around here if we don't deliberately get a few things on the summer calendar, it seems like the days and weeks busily pass by, and at the end of the season, I suddenly think, “Wait! We never did _____” (insert activity you wished you had done before school, homework and piano practice began ruling your life again.)

Having a summer bucket list, or as we call it at our house, our “summer adventures,” makes sure we get those activities that we really want to do, on the calendar

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Every year we make a list of things we’ve heard about or think the kids will love. After we have our initial list, we share it with the kids and add any other ideas they have, or things they have loved from previous years. Together we decide which things go on the calendar (every person gets at least one thing they really want).

The sky is the limit when it comes to making your summer bucket lists! Here are a few ideas to help get your ideas flowing. Just remember, do things that will be easy for you to pull off, financially and energy-wise too. 

1. Discover Someplace New

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Look on Yelp for a highly rated local bakery that you have never been to or on TripAdvisor for recommendations on what visitors love to see in your city. 

2. Stay Up Late


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Whether it’s making smores, going for a night hike to stargaze or a late night baseball game, staying up late once in awhile (especially if you have a strict bedtime) feels pretty special!

3. Get Up Early

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Is there an exceptionally beautiful place to watch the sunrise where you live? Maybe a lake or the ocean, an outlook point along your favorite hiking trail, or perhaps just at your favorite park. Wear your jammies and bring a box of doughnuts!

4. Experience a Summer Food Together


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Visit a local farm, market or garden and pick whatever fruit is in season. Make a pie or jam or something yummy with your freshly picked produce. 

5. Get Crafty


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My kids love doing crafts, and summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule a little craft time on our calendar to help them put together a craft that they will love… and also one that will continue to provide hours of playtime after our little crafting session is over. 

We only have ten weeks of summer vacation so these “summer adventures” do a great job at helping us live in the moment!

So get out and explore together—walk slower, discover a hidden gem, bask in the sun, watch the stars and make memories with your kids that will last well beyond their childhood!

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