Curving Pregnancy Nausea

Since I am now rounding out trimester one of my second pregnancy, something fresh on my mind is that lovely little pregnancy friend called morning sickness.

In most cases the nausea is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy, and the sight of a darling baby at the end helps make it worth it, but that constant nagging symptom can be a real bummer and leave you feeling frustrated, tired, and all around blah.

Lately, I’ve been relying on research and experienced friends to advise me on ways to curve the nausea, and in addition to the regular rules like, “keep your stomach from being empty,” I’ve found some of things to be a real help. Give these a try if you’re fighting the good fight of pregnancy nausea:



Staying hydrated is a must, but the idea of huge gulps of water has always been so unappetizing to me when I’m nauseous. A friend of mine suggested freezing Gatorade- or any sports drink- in ice cube trays, so that when I was having a hard time keeping anything down or having the appetite to hydrate, I could suck on these for hydration and to replenish any lost electrolytes.  


I started keeping Jolly Ranchers on hand in my bag everywhere I went. Anytime I started to feel a blood sugar low, or that nagging feeling creeping up, I could pop a quick candy in my mouth for some immediate relief. The strong flavor seemed to work it’s magic quickly, and although I tend to crave sour candy, I’ve been told that Wintergreen or Peppermint Lifesavers can also work wonders. 



Anyone who has experienced morning sickness can tell you, scents can be one of the main triggers for nausea. Apparently, it’s the rise in estrogen that is the culprit for that radar nose. One of the best solutions for me was stocking up on lemon and mint. You can eat them or simply sniff these goodies, but the scent seemed a speedy solution to counteract my queasiness.


I know, I know… who wants to get up an exercise when you feel so lousy? My past pregnancies have talked me out of my workout routine, and fast. This time around, I’ve pushed myself out of bed to keep it up… and, what do you know? It helps. Of course, you’ll need to exercise within healthy limits and doctor recommendations, but I’ve found being physically active to improve my symptoms almost better than anything else. Not only will you get the obvious physical benefits, but if nothing else it helps to momentarily distract and relax you from that morning sickness misery.


Ginger has long been suggested as a stomach soother. I’ve found that sipping a really cold ginger ale can really help suppress my queasiness. If that doesn’t sound appetizing to you, try a handful of ginger candy, snack on gingersnaps/gingerbread, or sip a cup of ginger tea.

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  • I’ve never heard of that one. Nausea is caused by the drimatac increase of hormones in your body during pregnancy.There are foods to avoid during pregnancy, but it’s usually to protect the baby some bacteria have the ability to cross the placental barrier and harm the fetus which doesn’t have an immune system yet. As a general rule: avoid soft cheeses that haven’t been pasteurized, cold deli meat (you can heat it up and eat it), canned tuna and smoked (uncooked) fish.Your immune system is a bit weaker than usual, so be careful to wash your hands regularly and avoid sick people if possible.You can get parasites from unsafe water, so don’t drink out of any drainage ditches any time soon (not that you would!). Was this answer helpful?

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