Ivory Lane + Oilo: Behind the Scene

It's always fun to take on a new project. Especially when you get to do it with a fun friend. Emily and I haven't known each other that long, but she's down to earth, super fun to be around, and has a great eye for design, which is probably why this project was so much fun. 





We nitpicked everything on this outfit. Was the ruffle the right size? Would your babies be able to wear it longer than one week (thus the adjustable straps). Could you change your baby's diaper quickly if needed?  



The swaddle blanket was next. We wanted your baby wrapped in an organic blanket with the perfect stretch so you could snuggle your baby nice and tight, allowing both of you to get some rest. Once we nailed the fabric down, then we drew up a pattern and picked colors we loved for a sweet baby girl.





Then came the moccs. We all love freshly picked, right? We wanted the perfect color to match our outfit and blanket so we went through books and books of colors until we found the perfect color.


Every project has it's bumps and we had our fair share. Getting the samples perfect for the photo shoot was our biggest. Our sample didn't show up until 7 pm the night before our 8 am shoot. It's always a nerve wracking moment when you open a package this late in the game, but it was perfect and the shoot was great, including all the cute babies. :) 

We now offer two different gift sets. One with moccs and one without allowing this set to start at $79. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time (use code FREESHIP15 at checkout). You can see all the gift set details here.



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