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I’m getting ready to refresh and renew as my two boys will soon be “bunking up”  together in the same room once my new baby arrives.  Looking for the perfect bunk bed has only been difficult because there are so many awesome options out there!  Some of my favorites:


Perch Bunk Bed

Love the size- so compact and allows for plenty of room for all my boys’ additional “stuff”- also, it can separate into a loft bed and a standalone twin, so it’s still totally useful even if a bunk is no longer needed.  Always been a huge fan of Oeuf’s simple and sleek design.


Perch Loft Bed  

If you don’t need the bunk option, the Perch Loft Bed is an awesome option, that allows you to fully utilize the space in a room!  With the same practical good looks as the Perch Bunk, this bed is a fun and functional option.


Duc Duc 

Regency Bunk Bed  

Want to see some super cool and modern bunk beds, head to Duc Duc!  Get a load of this retro beauty!  Nothing  else is needed to make a room cool as long as this bunk bed is in it!


Austin Split Bunk Bed 


In LOVE with this design, and even more in love with the option to order it as a split bunk, creating two separate beds when the kids outgrow their shared space!


Room and Board 

Dayton Bunk Bed 

Can’t get much better than this classic bunk bed!  Durable, great modern design, and can be separated into two beds!


Lark Loft Bed  


Aside from its great function and style, possibly the best thing about the Lark is all of the great colors it comes in! Available in 14 different colors, this is a fun option if you’re looking for a steel frame bunk!


Moda Loft Bed 

One of my all- time favorite loft bed options, this comes with a middle desk, a four-drawer dresser, and shelves for storage!  Talk about efficient!  This wood bed also comes in a variety of colors!

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