How to balance you inner Mompreneur

Hi this is Barette and Christina, moms to two little guys Dillon and Hudson and business owners of Widell Designs, a kids interior and special event-planning firm. When Christina and I joined forces in January of this year we both were struggling trying to figure out how to grow a business we were so passionate about, while also being first time moms with no child care but ourselves.

 Our days were long and stressful brining our boys to meetings, trying to design inspiration boards for clients while one kid watched Mickey mouse and another not wanting to sit still and on the go. Installation days were almost impossible, just praying the boys would fall asleep in the car on the way to a client’s home and, maybe just maybe, stay asleep haha. It was hard and we had many days of tears and sleepless nights feeling like we weren’t being fair to our business, but most importantly to our boys. 

 Thankfully, things for Christina and I changed very quickly as our business grew and we started to bring in enough income to hire full time care for the boys. To be honest, I think back to only a few moths ago and still am shocked that we got through those days and have gotten to where we are today.  But in the end all of the struggles have made us stronger and more passionate about our business. 

 Even with that being said, as our business continues to grow we still find that we struggle at home separating ourselves from work and making quality time with our families our priority. And the days of getting any free time to spend in "me" is certainly a thing of the past and always last on the list. 

Being a mother is the hardest job in the word, but also the most rewarding. Bring the best mom that we can be is also a priority to us both. With that in mind, below are six tips we wanted to share with you in hopes that reading this post can help and or inspire you to being that working mom you want and deserve to be. 

 1. Have a start and an end time for each day at work. If you are like us and you own your own business, you know this is extremely hard, but the boundaries need to be set in order to separate work and home. 

2. No cell phone weekends. Try and put your phone down for a few hours each weekend to really be present during quality time with your family. I know this is something I really struggle with, especially since I am an Instagram addict and also type A when it comes to answering back clients.

3. Schedule one mealtime a day together.  I will not lie, this might be the hardest for me and Christina, too.  My husband and I can never agree on the same type of meal or time to eat and Christina and her husband love to eat once Hudson goes to bed. Being that we now have the boys in school full time, we will need to work on making “dinner” time at the table all together. 

4. Letting Go. I know we all sit there with tons of gilt when we are in the office, wishing we could be with our little ones. Try and think about how much of an amazing role model you are for your child and also how you are doing the best you can by providing for your family. This extra income is what allows your child to enjoy things such as schools, art classes, camps etc. 

5. Date night. I know this seems like an urban myth to many, but it is important for you to take time to spend with your partner. Showing your love and support for one another ultimately makes for a happier like and keeps you more grounded when working with your clients.  Even if you can’t get away, try and do date night at home once the child is asleep.

6. “ME” time. I know this is easier said then done, but happy mommy makes for a happy family. Make sure to take time for yourself. Taking a few hours here and there will make you a more relaxed, organized, and inspired mom and business women.

We hope that reading this post and trying some of the tips we listed will help you to become a better you. We know that its not easy, but us moms are here to help each other. We are so lucky that we aren’t the only ones feeling this way and we have each other to lean on. 



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