Here in New England, the chilly north winds have arrived, blowing our last lingering red and yellow leaves off the trees. I have loved this gorgeous autumn, but a change of season is always filled with anticipation for good things to come. 

(Yes, good things like cute white vintage cars with wreaths on their hoods and beautifully wrapped gifts strapped to their roofs.)

And as you drive your vintage, gift-laden car around (if only in your mind), aren’t you noticing how gorgeous the bare branches look against the evergreen trees and the red-berry bushes peeking out here and there?!

The winter landscape really is the perfect backdrop to the upcoming holidays and winter season, and it is so easy to bring these beautiful, simple elements from the untamed woods to the front porches of our homes.

And although most of us will be spending a lot more time indoors than outdoors over the next few months, there’s no reason your front porch needs to look tired and dull. 

After all, no matter the season, it still is the first thing people see when they stop by to say hello.

There are many ways to make your front porch welcoming through these chilly, winter months…especially when you take your design cues from Mother Nature.

So this weekend, head out with the kids for a little walk through your neck of the woods. Take along a big basket, and gather a few armfuls of greenery, maybe some pine boughs, red berry sprigs, fallen logs and pinecones. This is really all you need to create your winter front porch.

Vintage metal buckets and watering cans make the perfect container for handfuls of pine boughs or pinecones. You can add a small collection of candles in jars or little metal or wood houses tucked throughout. 

Garlands of boxwoods or pine tied with twine or red ribbon hanging over your windows, or along your fences or railings look so festive. And why not, add a tiny forest of trees leading to your front door, for a magical, whimsical touch? 

SOURCES: via street scene, garnet hill, design dining diapers, looks like white, my still sunday, design mom, anthropologie

Author & Photography: Tiffany Lasson

Website: gillargirl.blogspot.com   

Instagram: gillargirl

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  • Just love the simplicity of it all! Absolutely beautiful! Where did iou get the metal houses?

    Susan Maskal on
  • I love these ideas- I never think of simple things and so what I think of seems to cumbersome. I’m going to try some of these and report back!!

    Lindsey on

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