So how’s that December calendar looking? I get so excited penciling in all the fun holiday parties and events going on during the month of December.

Yes it can get crazy(!), but there are so many opportunities to make memories and strengthen friendships and bonds with our community during this time of year. 

I have always loved hosting parties for friends and family…. from formal dinner parties to whimsical children’s parties—I love them all!  

Not that it is necessary to go out and purchase a bunch of new things when you are throwing a holiday soiree, but if you are in the market for a few new tableware items, there are some really fabulous options out there for getting your tables holiday-ready.   

I have a rule (that I almost always follow!) for purchasing any tableware when I’m doing my holiday entertaining, and it is this: It must serve me well beyond the month of December.

Here is a handful of a few of my very favorites!


Red and white enamelware is so versatile. It looks perfectly festive for the holidays, but also looks spot-on for Valentines Day, for summer picnics in the backyard and for hot cocoa on those first, crisp fall days.

The other thing that enamelware has got going for it, is it’s pretty indestructible.  

I’ve been told it’s a crazy personality trait, but I do thoroughly enjoy planning & hosting parties for my kids! So having a non-paper, non-plastic option that I can use over and over and have zero worries about breaking, is kind of wonderful. 

If enamelware dishes get dropped or knocked over, they are not going to break. If it’s a bad fall, they may get a ding or small chip, but with enamelware, that really just adds to its charm.

Find a good selection of enamelware here and here.



Wood chargers have been around forever, but these rough-hewn wood chargers are serious charmers. 

 Again, it fits within my rule of serving a purpose beyond holiday entertaining and decorating… They have a cozy-feel for winter holidays, but with jars of wild flowers scattered around the table, they will also look amazing at your summer parties as well.

Find wood chargers here.



I love this hip combination of marble and wood. It is a timeless look found in patisseries in every corner of the world, and now it is making its way into our homes. Yay!

These marble and wood platters are an example of perfect contrast. The natural wood tones combined with the cool stoned marble make for a fresh and beautiful look. 

The other thing I love about this platter is that it translates seamlessly from food prep to serving. This helps save a little time (and the number of dishes to clean!) 

Find wood & marble platters here.


IMAGE SOURCES: design love fest, {at mine}, elizabeth anne designs, almost makes perfect,

Author & Photography: Tiffany Lasson

Website: gillargirl.blogspot.com   

Instagram: gillargirl





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