Newborn Essentials for MOM!

Post pregnancy days can be filled with ups and downs, unpredictable behavior, and confusing emotions for a new mom.  We all take the time to have our nurseries well stocked when baby arrives, but rarely think through preparing for our own needs! Below are some of the things that I could always count on during the early days of postpartum. Trust me when I say that stocking your arsenal with these items for YOURSELF will be one of the best things you can do for your own well-being as a new parent. 


Life with a newborn can consist of a whole lot of sitting.  Whether you are confined to restful healing, or find yourself in a cycle of consistent feeding, rocking, etc… you’ll be glad to have something on hand to entertain you.  Netflix, a well-stocked DVR, magazines, books, and playlists were all lifesavers for me during wakeful nights!


Now, I’m not one to worry too much about squeezing back into my pre-pregnancy jeans the week after delivery.  However, the leftover baggage in the stomach region is never my favorite thing to try and dress right after having a baby.  It’s just awkward.  That, my friends, is why Spanx were created.  Grab a pair… and then a few more!  They tuck and smooth and make dressing that postpartum body about 100 times easier! I choose wearing these much more than other postpartum compression devices out there, because you can actually still breathe in them and they don’t leave you looking like you are wearing a back brace under your clothes!  


Another great compression option is a great pair of workout pants.  Not only are they comfortable and functional while you are trying to live in and out of a state of napping all day, they hold that tummy in awesome!  Some of my favorite are the Old Navy Compression Leggings


I know it’s hard to think about postpartum clothes shopping while you are still pregnant, but stocking up on a few wardrobe staples before baby arrives is one of the best preparations you can make.  It does wonders for a new mom’s psyche to have new, cute clothing options after delivery. I’m not saying you need to have real pants in stock yet… but, have ready for yourself some cute pajamas and a cute bathrobe, some fun new active-wear and athletic shoes for running around and answering the door in!


A few things I always enjoy post-baby to help me remember to take care of myself are some good nail polish and a new water bottle! While maybe it’s not the ideal time for running off for a spa day, a quick paint of the toenails always makes me feel better!  And, you’ll never be thirstier than after you have a baby or if you are breastfeeding.  Hydration is always key… and postpartum is certainly no exception.  A fresh, new water bottle always helps me to remember to drink more!

Last, I highly suggest having some PLANS in your life as a new parent.  I’m not saying they have to be huge, or even every day… but, having something to work toward or look forward to can be life-saving when navigating through baby blues or even if you’re just feeling a bit stir crazy in the middle of newborn life! Plan easy outings that bring simple enjoyment, and when you’re feeling up to it, plan to celebrate with friends or your partner with a night out!  Even if you have to take baby… newborns sleep a lot and make pretty easy dates! Getting out can do a world of good… so don’t be afraid of a change of scenery every once in a while!

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