How to Survive Your First Trimester

My last blog post I gave details on how hard the first trimester can be. I'm definitely no expert, but I've learned a thing or two going through 4 first trimesters so I thought I'd share some tips in case someone else was in the trenches.  


Obviously the first time you are pregnant you don't know if you are going to really be sick or not and when you first find out you'll probably feel the same as any other day, but if possible talk to your mom and sister. If they get sick during the first trimester then you are likely to get sick as well. I'll warn you though. Every first time mom I talk to says "I didn't know morning sickness was THAT bad." So if you have a supportive husband, boyfriend, sister, mom, best friend etc. try and come up with a semi-plan to help you survive. I always say tell the ones that you would tell if you miscarried. They are your closest friends and you'll need their help.

Disclaimer: The photo above of my husband and I was taken during my second trimester when I realized he really was pretty great—not "the guy that did this to me." :)

Although I'm a total grouch to be around during this time my husband is awesome. He isn't one to rub my back and hold my hair when I'm throwing up, but he takes on all the house and kid responsibilities and will carry me back to bed if I'm lying on the bathroom floor. You'll need someone like that. So plan for it.

You'll also need someone who can dish out some serious compassion. My sister and mom are best for this. They've been through what I've been through so they can relate when I start to cry and say this is really, really hard.


I didn't really know what heartburn was until I got pregnant, but now I feel bad for all the old men out there that have it everyday! Thank heavens for Prevacid. I didn’t catch onto this until my third pregnancy and I’ll warn you, it doesn’t completely end the heartburn and indigestion but it's a miracle compared to Tums, which doesn't do a thing for me. An old man even came up to me at the store and said "you really should get a perscription; these over the counter ones are for babies." I thought good! Cause I'm growing a baby. I want the least possible amount for my baby's sake, but enough to keep me from dying.


 I was telling my sister-in-law I swore Probiotic Acidophilus helped with my indigestion so I've been taking 2 Tbs per day religiously. She said "Oh yeah, my mom has been taking that for years for her indigestion." After reading the reviews on Amazon I realized she may be onto something, because others have said the same thing.




I was given a free pack of this ground cocoa bean at a blogger event quite a few months ago and never thought much about it. About this same time I had heard rumors that being magnesium deficient may amplify your morning sickness. I don’t know if this is true, but I swear Crio Bru helps tame the nausea, and maybe rightfully so because it is packed full of antioxidants and magnesium.    

I even talked to an old co-worker who now works there and she said they’ve heard tons of pregnant women say the same thing. It also minimizes the super nasty sucking-on-old-pennies taste in my mouth that normally lasts until week 20 in my pregnancy. Again, I’m no scientist nor doctor, but I swear it helps. You can find it at Whole Foods or order from their site. 




I did this with ALL my pregnancies and it's a miracle for nausea relief. I take 50 mg of Vitamin B6 every morning and night plus a Unisom before I go to bed. It takes about a week to really kick in so you'll need to be a little patient. Since I know I get super nauseous I start this right when I find out I'm pregnant.




I'll preface this by saying I’m a little weird about vitamins. I like them to be derived of REAL food so I know my body is absorbing them. I was sick constantly with my first two pregnancies (apparently your immune system is on overload when you are pregnant) but with my third and now fourth pregnancy I have yet to be sick (knock on wood). I swear it’s these vitamins. Plus you can take them on an empty stomach because it’s food you are taking. I love them so much I take them even when I’m not pregnant. I literally would cry if they went out of business. Apparently I'm not the only one, because the Amazon reviews are amazing.



 I drink a ton of water when I am pregnant. I buy a large 32 oz Smart Water bottle and fill it up a minimum of three times per day. My goal is to get over 100 ounces per day. I retained a lot of water with my first pregnancy and with my second and third I drank water non-stop and didn’t retain even close to the amount I did with my first. Plus it helps with the indigestion. It was SUPER hard to drink it during my first trimester, but when I could tell it was helping my indigestion I downed it. Now I crave it and have a bottle with me everywhere I go.



The thing that saves me my first trimester is getting out and doing something as miserable as it may seem. If I'm home in bed I sulk in my misery and focus on how bad I'm feeling.

The best distraction for me is talking to people. I can listen to them and not focus on how bad I'm feeling. It's tough and sometimes it's so bad it doesn't work. I've even had to sit down in a Target aisle (I really wanted to lay down but didn't want the paramedics to show up) because it got so bad, but if possible go be with friends and family. The time will pass much faster than wallowing in the misery of nausea.




If you missed my pregnancy announcement blog post check it out here. I'll warn you; it may scare you. There is nothing easy about the first trimester. The above are just tips to make it a tad easier.

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    • Thanks for the great tips! I will have to try these. I’m currently 8 weeks with number two and I feel like it’s a lot worse this time around. My problem is finding things that satisfy my constant hunger— it’s been really hard to eat!
      Do you have some suggestions on some foods that you find helpful in minimizing Hunger?

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