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Enchanting Eclectic Style Home & Nursery Design

What Makes an Eclectic Style Home Design Luxurious?

An eclectic style home is a captivating blend of various design influences, seamlessly combining elements from different eras, cultures, and aesthetics. This dynamic approach results in a space that exudes individuality and personality, as it brings together contrasting textures, colors, and patterns. An eclectic home often features a curated assortment of furniture and decor pieces, each with its own story to tell. This style invites creativity, allowing homeowners to showcase their diverse tastes and interests in a harmonious yet unexpected manner. The result is a living space that is visually intriguing, full of character, and a reflection of the owner's distinct design sensibilities.


Embrace the Enchanting Eclectic Style Design

One of the key elements of eclectic style home design is embracing the whimsical. Mix and match different styles, patterns to create a unique and personalized space. We love the white and rust checkered floor which adds boldness to the kitchen. In addition, you can embrace the beauty of the outdoors by including elements in your kitchen, and throughout your home, like flowers and plants along with a wooden table. These accents create a space that feels connected to nature and brings a sense of tranquility.  

eclectic style home kitchen with woman sitting on stool holding baby
woman standing holding baby in eclectic kitchen

eclectic style designed kitchen

You can also incorporate modern candelabras and light fixtures in your living areas. These unique fixtures make a statement and bring the eclectic to your home. As the perfect touch of modern and enchanting, our Flynn Recliner in ‘Sheepskin Linen.’  is as luxurious as it is comfortable for your living room.

eclectic style home living room with recliners
woman and baby in recliner in eclectic style living room
woman in Oilo Flynn recliner in sheepskin linen fabric

Your bedroom can also invite the eclectic look. Lounge in your comfy Tuckernuck Pomander Palace ‘Beachwood Gingham’ Abigail dress on one of our luxuriously soft Zoey gliders in ‘Dream Celadon' fabric, adding sophistication and warmth to your room. Pair this glider with accents of gold for a vintage flare to your eclectic look. 

woman in eclectic style bedroom sitting in Oilo Zoey glider
bedroom with glider, gold mirror and checkered rug
mom holding baby over bed with Oilo swaddle blanket

Eclectic Nursery Ideas

This enchanting eclectic design can flow seamlessly into your nursery. When it comes to color palettes for your eclectic nursery, think soft and sweet. Earthy hues like baby blues and rustic browns and oranges work wonders in creating an enchanting vibe. Pops of brown from our new Toddler Bedding (*details coming soon!) or our ultra soft faux Mohair 'Mink' Throw Pillows! You can also include a floral wall paper to invite the outdoors into your nursery. Of course our Flynn recliner in ‘High Performance Ecru' is the perfect place to relax and wrap baby up with our new Ditsy Floral Swaddle (*details coming soon!). These eclectic nursery ideas with gentle colors and cozy accents, add a touch of innocence and playfulness to the space. 

baby on shoulder of mom with Oilo ditsy floral swaddle blanket
eclectic nursery ideas in earthy tones

Oilo Flynn recliner in ecru fabric with brown blanket
baby wrapped in Oilo ditsy floral swaddle

Final Thoughts: Captivating Your Space with Eclectic Home and Nursery Design

The essence of an eclectic style home and nursery design lies in crafting an environment full of comfort, elegance, and a strong sense of individuality. Embracing the enchantingly imaginative, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor elements, and incorporating a soothing, nature-inspired color scheme are key considerations. With these tips in mind, you're on a promising path to crafting an enchanting eclectic home and nursery that distinctly reflects your personal touch.


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Photographer: Tacy Liz

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