Feels Like Spring

      With Spring around the corner, and baby on its way, you will want nursery ideas ready to inspire you! Our 'Feels Like Spring' nursery is the perfect nursery inspiration after a long winter, or long pregnancy. Spring brings happiness and new life. With our delightful 'Feels Like Spring' nursery, you will be ready to welcome baby into a joyous and refreshing place. 

     We love to bring Spring into our nurseries. Spring radiates light and warmth and what better place to start with to bring in the light than the walls! The Sherwin and Williams paint in ‘Extra White’ reflect the warm sunlight, making the nursery a bright and inviting place to be. This paint dashes away any lingering feelings of the drudgery of winter or a long pregnancy. 

girl sitting on Drew recliner fluffing white muslin throw blanket

    While Spring begins to warm the Earth, there can still be some chill in the air. This is perfectly combated with one of our new premium muslin throw blankets (details coming soon!) So soft and warm, baby, and you, will be comfortable and cozy with this lovely throw across your lap. 

girl laying in recliner with book and muslin throw blanket

girl with dog on white glider with muslin throw blanket

girl on glider folding a blanket

      Naturally you will want to sink into our pillow soft Drew, Flynn or Zoey swivel nursery gliders in ‘Tweed Snow,’ ‘Sheepskin,’ and ‘Woven White.’ Not only are they deliciously comfortable, but their colors help reflect the natural light bringing that lovely Spring feel into the nursery.

glider made from sheepskin cloud fabric with book and throw pillow

   golden doodle dog on Zoey glider with muslin throw blanket

      We love how these gilders have been arranged in a classical Parisian style inspired home. With your gliders styled like this you will feel like you’ve walked into a fashionable French home without having to step outside of your own walls. 

sheepskin cloud fabric recliner in living room with throw pillow and throw blanket

two Flynn recliners with crystal lamp

girl sitting in Zoey glider by fireplace

girl sitting in Drew recliner by dresser in bedroom

girl sleeping in Drew recliner in Tweed Snow fabric

       As part of the gorgeous Parisian nursery decorations, we’ve included a beautiful Alice Lane Winnie Crystal table lamp. The glistening crystal base again reflects the natural sunlight, brightening the room and really welcoming that Spring-like feeling. In addition, our beautiful model looks lovely in this flowy and fashionable dress from Anthropologie. It is classically beautiful and comfortable, just like your nursery! 

crystal lamp between living room Flynn recliners

girl sitting in Drew recliner with white basket and muslin throw blanket

      If you are longing for nursery ideas that enhance the glories of Spring year round, this delightful 'Feels Like Spring' nursery room idea is the one for you. The bright whites of the paint and gliders will be sure to give you the warmth and sunshine you desire. With the nursery styled like a classic Parisian home, you will have all the glamor of Paris within your own nursery. So after a long pregnancy, and winter, treat yourself and baby to this luxuriously bright nursery!  

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Photographer: Ashley Teresa @ashleyteresa_photo

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