Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

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From the rise in gender-neutral baby names  to successful brands like  Free To Be Kids, it’s easy to see that the traditional idea of “blue is for boys” and “pink is for girls” is evolving. Gender-neutral nursery decor has been gaining traction lately, and for good reason! Not only does it offer parents more options for their children in terms of colors and themes, but it’s economical. Gender-neutral nurseries are a wise investment since they tend to grow much more easily with the child’s age and can work if parents plan to have more children in the future. Plus, they allow parents additional time to prep the nursery before the baby arrives.

Whether you want the sex of your baby to be a surprise, don’t want to impose gender norms, or just want a beautiful space in your home, this direction allows you a little more freedom of design than a traditional nursery. Moving away from standard color palettes, you can focus simply on great design. After all, it’s the parents that really need to enjoy the space  Here are a few of our best ideas for making your gender-neutral nursery dreams come true. 

Neutral territory

Neutral tones tend to get a bad rap. But there are so many stylish ways to take neutral tones from bland to bold! For a sanctuary that’s simple and serene, gray is a great place to start. Its warm versatility makes gray a go-to when it comes to gender-neutral decor. In this nursery, we used soft grays for just about every piece.

gender neutral glider
Deep, dark hues colors definitely aren’t traditional when it comes to nurseries, but they’re a fantastic way to bring a sophisticated, gender-neutral feel to your room. Much like gray, darker colors serve as a beautiful backdrop if you want something more modern than tried-and-true neutrals. As you can see in this lovely nursery by Oilo Studio, framed art really pops against a darker wall.

gender neutral wall art and crib sheet

If you’re drawn to darker colors but don’t want to commit to paint, a glider in a deep blue is a great option.

neutral swivel glider chair

Natural habitat 

Get creative by playing with textures and features found in nature. Fresh greenery, woven baskets, driftwood decor, etc. are all fantastic ways to take a note from nature and introduce your little one to the great outdoors. We love the decorative branches in the nursery below, and the way the feather-print bedding provides a subtle nod to nature.

For more nature-inspired nursery ideas, just look up! Moons, stars and clouds can help create a soft, nurturing environment for your newborn. Use features from the sky to make your nursery a dreamy place to sleep and and a perfect place to play.


Animal kingdom 

For those who like a little whimsy, furry friends can create a nursery that’s playful and cute. To keep the nursery tasteful, we like to opt for animal prints as secondary pieces to a more neutral theme. Some of our favorite animal print pieces are this light and lovely llama cuddle blanket and changing pad cover.

These adorable bunny prints pair perfectly with fluffy pillows and an ivory gilder.

The elephant elements in this sophisticated grey-blue nursery add an artful element without feeling overly gendered. Not to mention, the print is practically begging to be paired with our velvet indigo glider.


Scandinavian sanctuary

It’s hard to beat the simple elegance of a scandinavian interior design. Take note from the nords and create a nursery that values both from and function, practicality and beauty. White walls and open spaces are a hallmark of scandinavian style, which tends to put greater emphasis on more subtle design elements, like shape and texture. Keep the furniture mostly neutral and opt for soft woods and light-colored fabrics. The goal is a space that’s calm and clean, contemporary and cool. For a modern and gender-neutral nursery that truly grows with your baby, this is the design direction for you. 

gender neutral nursery idea
At Oilo, we're all about turning your nursery into the most comfortable, clean and carefree sanctuary in your home. Because a more enjoyable nursery means a more constant and enduring bond between you and your baby. We're strong advocates of not compromising on style with all things baby-related and it's only natural for us to gravitate towards a nursery that functions as an extension of the rest of your living space, rather than clashing with it. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you style your own gender-neutral nurseries!


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