Design Challenge Update- Week 3

I can't believe we are into our third week of our Design Challenge! Here are some new updates from four finalists. If you want to read about how our Design Challenge got started you can see the details here and read about the 8 finalist here. You can also view Week 1 and Week 2.


The cutest little details are starting to trickle in for little Maverick’s nursery. These days, there is either a package on our door step or I am receiving a *ping* on my email with order details/shipping information. Not to mention, my Instagram feed has become flooded with ALL THINGS BABY! I have found some of the most adorable shops through social media. This sign is from a shop called @woodenthatbesomething – All her products are made with great quality and simply flawless. I love being able to support small businesses while adding unique one-of-a-kind touches to our home.

You can follow her progress on Instagram @call_me_cupcake 




We made the most progress on the structure of the room itself! The wall is in! It was sheet rocked and trim has been added and everything has been primed. Ceiling and wall paint will be up in the next few days (we'll be using Sherwin Williams Faint Coral). I'm so excited to really get moving on putting the room together after that. We also had some pretty fabrics made into beautiful pillows!

 You can follow her progress on Instagram @nataliehurstinteriors 



This week I was able to find the perfect chest of drawers to go in my baby's nursery. The color was absolutely perfect and matched exactly with the theme that I have in mind for the room.I have been working on a gallery wall as well, so that is something to look forward to seeing in the next couple of weeks. The hardest thing that I have come upon this week is the color of the walls in the nursery. The walls are a yellowish/tan and they clash with absolutely everything! Since I only rent my place, painting the walls is not an option so I am hoping to get some stick on wallpaper or decals to add a little pizazz to the room. It's always so fun to see the changes happening each week and becoming one step closer to the final reveal. Thank you all for following along on this fun journey with me.

You can follow her progress on Instagram @rwhatcott7 



Ever since I was pregnant with our first son Dillon I knew someday I wanted to incorporate Abigail Edwards seascape wallpaper . I had been obsessed the moment I saw it online and I'm so glad that she offered it in this beautiful blue color because it just flows perfectly with the vision and color pallet I had in mind for Landon's nursery. I also love those random days shopping at HomeGoods just for this exact reason that I found this amazing piece of driftwood which wasn't the easiest to get on the wall but now it's on and not going anywhere. It really makes a statement and along side the wallpaper sets the whole beach vibe for the room. My main challenge in is room has been trying to find the most perfect Light. I have searched high and low and even tried to get one custom made but it all isn't seeming to work. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I continue to search for this piece !!!! 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @Widellboschetti

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