Puj Phillup Cup

As a longtime fan of Puj, and a lover of products that simplify life… I’m over the moon about their newest product- the Phillup Cup. This product is easily one of my favorites on the market right now, and wait until you try it… it’ll become one of yours too!

The Phillup solves the everyday problem that taunts me daily… cups everywhere! The never-ending process of accumulating cups that clutter my house and my dishwasher was solved in a snap when the Phillup became a part of our family.  

A few Phillup Highlights (you’re quickly going to see why I love this product!):


Phillup hangable drinking cups come with grippy hooks that stick to any smooth surface and the cups/hooks are available in 4 snazzy colors-making it possible to distinguish whose cup is whose.   This leaves you with one cup per kid (or adult!) each day.



One of the additional perks of this system is that it encourages kids to have some independence when they are thirsty! Easily accessible, these cups are just waiting to be filled throughout the day. And, how nice to see my kids drinking WATER vs juice, soda, etc.!



Wait until you get a load of all of the other ways the Phillup can be used in your house! The bathroom alone has endless possibilities for these bad boys. Hang the cups on a mirror to store toothbrushes/paste, hang in the tub to hold small objects or for a handy rinse cup. These cups also make a super cool, super useful gift for parents of all aged kids!

The Puj motto is to simplify parenthood, and again- they have done just that! It’s no wonder these cups went fast the first time they became available! I’m so excited that there are now more cups on the way! Seriously, head over to Puj and order a set!

*PS. Don't judge me shooting my daughter in a fancy dress. Some battles just aren't worth fighting and this was one of them. :)

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