Summer Workshop

Just for the record, I don't dread summer. In fact, I'm just the opposite! With the kids home all day, everyday... I actually quite enjoy it!

But let's be honest. Unless you're on a year-round schedule, the summer break can lose some of its luster after those first few weeks!

So in my ongoing efforts to entertain my children, (and yes, even myself...I think maybe I should have been a kindergarten teacher!) a few summers ago we started something that has become a summer tradition that my kids adore (times one hundred.)

We call it our SUMMER WORKSHOP and here's how it works: 

1. Make a list of activities the kids can do independently.


2. List the activities in order from one to ten, having the kids begin each day at activity number one and working their way through the activities chronologically. Switch the activities around every couple of days to keep things fresh & interesting.

3. At the end of each day, each child receives the number of dots they completed in workshop. For example, if one of my kids finished the first four activities, they would receive four dots for that day.

4. Once every 1-2 weeks, we have a workshop store where they can buy things with their dots (aka a token economy in its finest form! Kids love 'em!) I’m always keeping my eye out for little things that are on sale that I think they would love. Even things they need, like swim goggles, are available in the workshop store.


Now why do I love our little workshop? Well, for many reasons! But I'll tell you the number one favorite reason of any parent I know. . . Which is, how drastically it cuts down on the "what should I do??--I'm bored" routine!

Also, it helps my children accomplish things each day that I want them to do anyway. But instead of me suggesting the activity, it is written on a cute little card--which in some magical workshop way, makes the activity that much more desirable! 

Even something like, "pull a bucketful of weeds" is no big deal when worked into summer workshop. 

It's workshop magic, I tell you, and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it a few years ago! Hopefully this idea, or some form of it, will help create a few happy summer memories for your kiddos too!

By Tiffany Lasson of GillarGirl


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