Chore Chart for Allowance

Anyone else trying to teach a youngster the importance of work?  The lesson that to get something you really want takes time, hard work, and saving?  If you find yourself battling a case of kids always wanting and never earning… you’re not alone! 

I recently found myself with a near six year old that seemed to be acting a bit too entitled.  Every Target run became a battle for a toy, and it felt like every day there was something new on his list of gimmies.  I also noticed him acting old enough to be helping out around the house a little more than I was giving him responsibility for.  

I turned to the wonderful world of Pinterest, and found something that has been working wonders for us, and can hopefully be a help to some of you!  The mastermind over at The Gilded Pear (Link: suggests pairing chores with an allowance amount (totally customizable for you and your child).  At the end of each week, you tally up their completed tasks, and your child receives their earned money.  They quickly see that the more they do, the more they earn!

You’ve got to check out these awesome downloadable charts and read her post for her methods and instructions for use.  I threw some sturdy lamination on our charts, and we just dry erase weekly to start fresh each Monday.  I like to switch up the tasks weekly to keep things interesting, and to expose my guy to a variety of ways he can be helping around the house.

Read The Gilded Pear’s entire post and download free charts here.



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