Dreamy Playroom Spaces

There are few rooms used more in my home, as well as few spaces that can look worse in my house than our playroom. It can be a glorious place… and a disastrous place… but, either way- it’s an important one in our home of kids and toys!  I am constantly trying to find ways to update our playroom with new storage options, organization methods, and functional style!  I thought I’d share with you some of the spaces I dream about as we are evolving our playroom into a fun, useful, and stylish space! 

In total love with this play area!  Love the height of all the shelving and all the options for storing stuff!  Such a cheery and bright space without being overdone.

Modern Playroom Ideas


So, maybe this is more of a workspace than a play area… but, how cool would it be to have this in an area of your kids’ space?  What a great and organized place to work on projects, do homework, or to read a book?

Home Office Ideas


Climate permitting, how magical is the idea of having an outdoor playhouse?  This is almost too adorable to handle, and was built from an old backyard shed!  Take a look here to see all the inside features… I’m in love!

Playhouse built from an old backyard shed 


Not only is the black and white super cool in this room, it  is so well designed that the spaces make clever use of storage to hide away even the ugliest of toys!

Modern Playroom Ideas


A playroom is really only as good as it’s storage options, and this room has got it all! Exposed shelving, hidden bins, book shelving, etc!  

Playroom with storage

Check out even more of our design inspirations and loves on our Pinterest page here.

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