Accent Walls or Ceiling for your nursery - MAKE A STATEMENT


Creating an accent wall in your nursery can be a shortcut to transforming the look of the entire space — but misguided choices could undermine your beautification efforts.

If you’re afraid of using too much dramatic color in a room, you can play it safe — and still make a bold statement — by creating just one accent wall or ceiling with a splash of character. Color or patterned wallpaper on an accent wall or ceiling alone makes a room zing without being overbearing. However, picking which wall to accent in the room is the secret behind success in this strategy. Many variables will be in play, before putting a paint-laden brush to the drywall.

First, you must balance “color/pattern impact” with existing features and planned furnishings.  A dramatic accent wall will lose much of its impact or “pop” if its mostly obscured behind a mass of floor – to – ceiling draperies or the wall is covered with art work, moldings or large pieces of furniture.  In contrast, an accent wall that is almost fully exposed can bring too much “pop” to a room too. Choose an accent wall that won't be too bare of or crowded with other design elements.

Next, discover your ideal “special feature” wall. Accent walls work best when there seems to be a logical reason why a particular wall invites special treatment, compared with other walls in the room. A dramatic architectural feature like a chandelier or an antique armoire may be good reasons to make  it stand out. Determine the “reason” why a wall or ceiling could use the added element of surprise.  

Lastly, WORK WITH YOUR DÉCOR and don’t just pick a random color.  Creating a décor punch doesn’t have to involve a wall that screams at you every time you pass by.  Just because orange is your favorite color doesn’t mean its going to work in your “princess”nursery.  Look around the rest of your home, and you’ll see that there is a color scheme you may or may not have consciously created.   Choosing something that is totally outside that palette may create more discord than harmony in your nursery.  A kitschy pattern is a unique approach for an accent wall that can set up a visually- arresting scene. 

By Barette + Christina from Widell Designs


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