Autumn is in the air now and with it comes all sorts of cozy, fall activities. Who doesn’t love fresh apple cider, a legitimate reason to wear cozy sweaters & boots, watching pumpkin stands pop up on every corner, and let’s not forget about back to school fun!

Before my kids started school full-time, each fall we would begin holding our own “mommy school” once a week. Our weekly class was very casual and easy, and usually lasted about an hour. 

And best of all, it was such a great way for me to give my kids a small chunk of that precious one on one time. My children still talk about how much they loved our “mommy school!”

Our little mommy & me classes would always have a theme and usually would include:

- introducing the theme

- reading a book together

- a short discussion (with lots of visuals) about the day’s topic

- a little outdoor time

- a craft project

- a snack 

If this sounds like something you might like to try with your preschooler, here is a sample mommy & me class based on the theme: A is for Apple!



Show your child an apple. Talk about the color, the shape and guess how many seeds there will be inside. Cut the apple in half and count how many there really are!

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Snuggle up and read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall



Talk about the life cycle of a seed. Color in the pictures, cut them out and then put them in the correct order a few times.


Go for a nature walk. Notice all the things that are growing, and point out how each one started with just a little seed. Pull a weed or plant out of the soil, and show the roots and the stem and the leaves. (If you are lucky enough to live close to an apple tree, end your walk there are pick an apple! If not, just walk around the yard or a nearby park.) Also find a small stick and leaf that will be used a little later for the craft project.


(Supplies needed— two paper plates, apple seeds, red paint, paint brush, elmers glue, stapler, small stick & leaf)

Begin by gluing the seeds from the apple you cut in half earlier onto the inside of one of the plates.  Then paint the outside of two plates red.  Staple the plates together at the top, so that your child can open the apple up to see the seeds inside. Place stick stem and leaf at the top of the plates—you can either wedge them in with the staple or glue them on.


Sliced apples with peanut butter or caramel for dipping.


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