PacaPod Oban Diaper Bag

It definitely feels like with each pregnancy, there are huge advancements in baby land from year to year.  As I am gearing up for my next baby, I knew that a new diaper bag was at the top of my to-buy list…and boy oh boy—there have been some awesome improvements in the few years since I last bought one. 

It seems that with every one of my past diaper bags, I am trying to find ways to divide all of my loot inside to avoid everything running together into a sea of mess!  I also always find myself grossed out about the disorganization and germ sharing between products I carry in my bag.  But HOLD ON!  Guys, there is the most amazing solution!  I am so excited to have found and now share the PacaPod Oban bag! 

PacaPod Oban bag


The features of this bag make this bag a perfect everyday companion, and I can only imagine the convenience of it with travel. It is lightweight, has a sleek neutral design, and can be wiped down clean with ease.  The most exciting part of this bag are the two completely detachable feeding and changing ‘pods’ that can be used to store baby feeding and changing items, while keeping them separated, organized, & hygienic!  The bag also comes with a change mat, bottle cover, removable storage pouch, and separate pockets for parent items such as keys, wallet, phone, etc.

This bag comes in neutral colors black and elephant grey, and with a strap option to transform your bag from a shoulder bag into a backpack.  You’ve got to check it out, and if you’re as nuts about a clean and orderly bag as me… this one is a winner! PacaPod also has a variety of other bags with these same great features, and more!  Check out this great video of the Oban here and peek at their complete line of bags here. 

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