5 Stylish Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

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When you bring your baby girl home, you’ll want to welcome her in a space that radiates all the love and warmth you feel. Keeping in mind all the firsts that will happen in her nursery , it’s smart to create a space that’s more than simply functional. You’ll carry the memories in that room with you for the rest of your life, so you’ll want to intentionally set the stage for those early years with your daughter.  

At Oilo, we believe in creating spaces that aren’t cliche, childish or over-the-top. After all, the nursery is as much for you as it is your newborn! With all the time you’ll spend in the nursery, we’re here to help you make it a comfy, cozy space that you absolutely love. So allow the following stylish nursery ideas, examples and tips to ease and guide your own decorating process.


We’ll start with the most popular baby girl nursery theme: pink. It’s a go-to for good reason and stands the test of time. Pink in a nursery is warm, inviting and perfectly girly. We like to opt for a softer shade of blush when decorating nurseries so it’s not too overwhelming. Plus, it creates a calming atmosphere and promotes sweet dreams. In the nursery above, we used the Glider in blush and paired it with simple, white furniture. Et voila! You’ve got a nursery that’s easy, beautiful and classic.


If you love florals as much as we do, take cues from nature and embrace bold prints. We love the way bright, bold florals, like the wallpaper featured above, keep a room feeling modern. Especially when paired with soft pink walls and bedding, it’s an easy way to keep the nursery from becoming overly soft or sweet. 

Florals pair perfectly with natural texture, so we opted for a super-soft faux fur rug and ottomon in this nursery. Playing with pattern and texture helps create a cozy, chic space. If you embrace large florals and fur, keep the rest of the decor simple and neutral, so the room still feels like a relaxed retreat. The glider in bright white ties this space together.


If you want to give your nursery an elevated feel, we’d suggest touches of brass. Bright metal and soft pink might seem like an unlikely combo but we think of them as a yin and yang: balancing each other for a sophisticated, put-together space. Soft bedding in a lovely watercolor print adds to the elegant design without sacrificing any comfort for your little one. There are so many fun options out there that can take a room from ordinary to exciting and inspiring.


If all-over pink isn’t your style, gray is an excellent alternate. There’s a reason that gray is so popular in home decor. It’s the perfect modern neutral. Pair it with cool colors to highlight blue tones, or with warm hues to highlight yellow tones. Gray matches pretty much everything. Adding in a soft neutral with splashes of pink creates an effortlessly calming sanctuary where you’ll cuddle your little one for hours. 


Jillian Harris captures a sense of childhood whimsy and wonder in the dreamy nursery featured above. Perfect for little girls with big imaginations, we can’t get over how easily this space inspires a sense of joy and play. Harris uses an adorable air balloon print (find something similar here), sky-inspired wallpaper in baby blue and pulls it all together with a playful chandelier. A soft white gilder styled with a cloud pillow is a must for a space like this. 


There you have it! Five simple ideas for your little girl’s nursery. Whichever design direction you decide to take, we know it will be absolutely lovely. Be sure to tag us @oilostudio so we can see your stylish spaces!

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