5 Fun Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Decorating your baby boy’s nursery from scratch can seem overwhelming. We think the easiest way to begin is by settling on a single starting point, whether it’s a color, mood or favorite art print. Need some ideas to get started? We’ve pulled together five of our favorite baby boy room ideas below so you can browse and let inspiration strike. Once you’ve got an idea in mind, make it your own with personal touches like custom gliders, wall art, pillows and more.


Sophisticated Slate

Nurseries are as much for the parents as for the baby, so why not make it a space that truly inspires? Add a touch of sophistication with slate-colored paint. Sure, charcoal is unconventional for a nursery, but it’s unparalleled in the way it effortlessly elevates a space. If you go gray, opt for lighter rugs and furniture to keep things balanced.

Feeling Blue

Obviously blue isn’t just for boys, but it’s a tried-and-true classic when it comes to decorating nurseries. We like a more refined approach and went with navy as an accent color in the nursery above. Our elephant print is one of our most popular collections and it’s easy to see why! The watercolor-inspired pattern pairs perfectly with a glider in woven navy, our fave fabric for hiding all those inevitable spills and stains. We used natural textures like the driftwood table, antler floor lamp and birch crib to complete the subtle safari vibe.

Above, Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies shows us  another great way to incorporate blue hues. She keeps her nursery fresh and modern with unexpected fabrics and texture, like a glider in the loveliest velvet indigo and a luxe leather ottomon.

Rising Stars

For even more inspiration, just look up! Foster big dreams and imagination by incorporating sky-themed pieces in your baby boy’s nursery. We paired our super-soft moon throw with bedding from our feathery collection for a theme that’s a little whimsical and a little eclectic. Either way these classy accent pieces will grow with your little one and last for years to come.


Here's another fantastic take on a space-inspired nursery from  Jade Roper Tolbert designed by @kathykuohome and @realmdesignco. Between the indigo accent wall, bright white glider and playful moon illustrations, this is a space made for dreaming.

Cozy Woodland

When you think of woodland-themed decor, you might think feminine florals and cutesy bunnies. While those features are adorable in almost any context, we’re drawn to woodland touches paired with dark walls for a more masculine approach. Our cottontail collection is just begging to be styled in a room with deep greens and teals. We love the natural and forest-inspired touches throughout the nursery above: woven jute rug, soft birch crib and oversized wood frames.

All Natural

And lastly, any nursery roundup wouldn’t be complete without a nod to ever-popular scandivanian decor. This approach is both boho and playful, taking cues from trendy minimalist nurseries. We love a nursery that embraces exclusively neutral tones but utilizes unexpected textures to keep it from becoming boring. To recreate this look in your own nursery, we’d suggest pairing this llama bedding with lots of cozy throws and textured pillows for a cute and comfy space. The best part of this nursery is its versatility! It’s perfect for a baby boy and can easily grow with him or be adapted later for a girl.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to decorate for baby boys, but the possibilities are endless. We hope you found some inspiration today and can’t wait to see how you run with it. Be sure to tag us @oilostudio so we can see your dreamy nurseries!


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