Do you have a list of favorite fall activities? 

Going for family walks in this crisp autumn air is on the top of our list! And every time, without fail, we return from our walks with handfuls of colorful red, yellow and orange leaves. 

We keep a large basket on our kitchen table that we drop our leaves (and other interesting finds) into, so we can all enjoy looking at our beautiful autumn treasures everyday.


If your kids are anything like mine, they love to see fall decorations start to make their appearance around the house!

So usually once or twice during the fall months, the kids and I sit down together to string our pretty leaves up into some quick and easy leaf garlands.


- a pile of leaves (15 or so)

- sewing thread + needle

- twine 

This is the perfect project to do with your kids, no matter their age.  If your children are very young, they can still be a little helper with this project in lots of fun ways.

They can help pick up leaves while on the walk, they can choose their favorite leaves to be a part of the leaf garland (sometimes my kids will make up a pattern for the garland; for example red, yellow, red, yellow, etc.) Or they can choose leaves at random from the basket and hand them to you as you thread or tie the leaves to the string or twine.

There are two ways to make a leaf garland.

The first is to simply thread a needle, doubling up the thread so that it is a little thicker strand. 

Then pull the needle right through the stem of the leaf. This method only works if the leaves are freshly fallen and their stems are still pliable. If the leaves have been on the ground for a while their stems will likely be too hard to get a needle through. (If this is the case, you can use the method below.)

If your children are older and have mastered tying a knot they can make a leaf garland on their own by tying a knot around each leaf’s stem. 

I find it easiest to make the first knot loop, slip the leaf stem through, and then tighten the knot. Then make a second knot to keep the leaves nice and secure.

Once you are finished stringing up your leaves, tape your garland over a desk or a bed or to the mantel. . . really anywhere you want to see a little piece of fall beauty!

Author & Photography: Tiffany Lasson 


Instagram: gillargirl

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