I definitely subscribe to the line of thinking that there is beauty in simplicity. So even though, I love to decorate my home for the holidays, I don’t really have many “Christmas” decorations.

This is because it is so easy to create a festive look with items that are already in your home--or in your backyard! Think evergreen clippings, bare branches, pinecones and red berries.

Here are a few holiday design tips I have found work really well to get your home looking jolly and bright, but are not over the top. 

Start out by deciding if you want to decorate for the holidays with a certain color scheme. Browse pinterest for a few minutes (set your timer!) and jot down notes of some favorite color combinations. Then pull out some of your existing decorations that work within that scheme. 

And remember, you don’t have to use every Christmas decoration you own every year! 

If you need or want to buy a few new things, think about investing in items that you can use beyond the holidays. 

For example, red and white striped ribbon looks like it was purchased just for the holidays, but really it works any month of the year.

White and red tea towels look perfectly festive during the holidays—but can actually be used all year long. . . A tea towel with Santa Claus on the front cannot!

White lights look beautiful during the holiday and winter months, but they actually look pretty all year long too. Try wrapping them around a piece of driftwood or fill a clear jar with pinecones and nestle the white lights inside for a magical look.

Make a garland! Try tying a few handfuls of pinecones onto a long string of red & white twine. Or make a few mini evergreen wreaths with your extra Christmas tree clippings. You could also tie Christmas ornaments to a thick piece of twine. Garlands look great hanging over mantels, windows, beds or even on a blank wall. 

There are endless ways to do this and they are such a simple way to bring a little holiday sparkle into your home. (They’re also a great holiday activity to do with your kids!)

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