The best part of Christmas for lots of children, is the little traditions that they begin to look forward to doing with their families, year after year. 

My kids love doing crafting projects, so we’ve spent many hours of fun creating together. Without meaning to, we’ve begun a holiday tradition of doing holiday crafts together each Christmas season.

If you have a couple craft-loving kiddos, here is a small round up of some of our tried & true, simply festive crafting projects—perfect for doing together.


This little craft will give you an excuse to bundle up and go for a winter nature walk with your kids. 

We have had such mild weather for New England this year—it hasn’t snowed once yet! So although we are kind of craving a winter snowstorm for the holidays!—We are also embracing non-frigid walks on the beach in December.

To do this project, head outdoors with your little’s to collect tiny pieces of driftwood (or if you don’t live in a coastal location, small twigs or little sprigs of pine work just as well.)  You can also gather little berries or tiny shells to glue on as ornaments and the “star”.


You just can’t beat the classic paper snowflake! You just can’t! We’ve done them every year since my kids were old enough to maneuver scissors. From the most basic to the most intricate, snowflakes are a delight for all children (and grown-ups too!)

My kids’ favorite way to display their snowflake creations are by stringing a piece of twine above their bed and using a clothespin to attach the snowflakes to it. 

We’ve also made snowflake garlands and strung them from the ceiling or from shelves and have tied them from strings to hang over our mantle and in the windows.

Find an easy-to-follow snowflake tutorial here.


Sugar cookie love abounds in our home! Over the years, we have come up with two not-so-secret tips for sugar cookie making. 

First, add a little almond extract to your frosting—it makes the cookies extra delicious!

And second, since it’s no secret that frosting cookies can be really messy, try using these squeezable containers to frost with. Using these containers is so much easier for little hands than trying to spread frosting on with a knife or spoon. 


I was so excited to come across these printable cross-stitch cards a couple months ago. These would be best for older kids because they need to be able to handle a needle (they are perfect for my 9 & 11 year olds).

We print the animals off on cardstock and draw on the pattern with colored pencils before we begin stitching. They have loved stitching the sweater vests on all the cute woodland animals!

Free printable here.

I’ve never regretted stepping away from the holiday hustle & bustle to spend an afternoon creating with my kids. 

If this is something you want to do, but are worried it will be forgotten in the busy-ness of the next couple weeks, just schedule ”holiday crafts with kids” on your calendar. As much as I love spontaneity, sometimes things just don’t really happen until I’ve got it on the calendar! 

Happy holiday crafting! xo 

Image Sources: confessions of a cookbook queen / gillar girl / gillar girlbake at 350 / mr. printables / gillar girl 

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