Pairing Down + Sprucing Up for New Years Eve

Can you believe it? Another Christmas is complete and in the memory book—and a new year right around the corner. 

Hello 2016!

As much as I love Christmas, within a few days of December 25th, I am ready for all the clutter to DISAPPEAR!  So by New Years Eve, most of our really Christmas-y decorations have been packed away. 

I start off by putting away anything green or red, as well as anything that is directly geared for Christmas (stockings, candy canes, etc.) 

However, I always keep those pinecones, white twinkly lights and sprigs of pine out, since they are absolutely perfect for New Years Eve decorations—as well as these wintery months we have ahead.

So to welcome in the New Year, here are a few very simple ideas for just the right amount of New Year dazzle. 

Nothing shouts “Happy New Year” like a little glitter! Create a perfect centerpiece with several clear mason jars. Fill several of the jars with white votive candles, a few jars with sprigs of pine and ALL the jars with a pinch of gold or silver glitter.

What could be an easier New Years Eve decoration than a few handfuls of white balloons tied with gold string?

As an extra bonus, think of a new years resolution and write it on a strip of paper. Attach it to the string, and at the stroke of midnight, take those balloons outside and watch those resolutions disappear into the sky! 

Haha. Just kidding. Watch them float into the air and realize the possibilities for this new year are endless!

If you’re hosting a little New Years Eve party, a really festive photo (or dessert table) backdrop, is a gold fringe wall. You can find long sheets of gold fringe at most party supply stores.

And we’re back to the glitter… I can’t help myself—I love it! If you’re feeling crafty, find yourself a few die-cut letters, dip the bottom inch into gold glitter, and string together in a garland.

We used to let our kids make a racket with pots and pans when midnight struck… I realized I really don’t like the sound of crashing pots and pans(!)… so we have since switched to sparklers. They haven’t complained about it once! 

Image Sources: 79 ideas / anastasia marie / flickr / delightfull / project nursery / the flair exchange / c & r

Post by Tiffany of Gillar Girl

Instagram: gillargirl

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  • I love all these idea! Super simple and easy. Just my style!

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