Top Baby Names of 2015

If you’re anything like me, choosing a name for baby just might be the hardest part of preparing for your little one’s arrival.  There’s the back and forth of whether or not I really like a name, the unsolicited opinions of others swaying my love or hate of names, and then the task of convincing my partner that my name choices are worthy of consideration.  It’s no easy feat!  The more kids that I have, the trickier it gets.  You’d think I’d get better at it, but it only gets harder!  

The one thing I have learned, however, is that it’s more fun to keep your top name options tight lipped until the end because: a) it’s more fun to surprise people at delivery, and b) you really don’t need any opinions complicating your process and tainting your beloved names along the way!  

I say pick a name that YOU, as parents, LOVE. Hopefully, that will be reason enough for your little one to love it too!

Whether I’m in the market for naming a baby or not, one thing I always love doing is checking out the year’s most popular baby names!  I always find it entertaining to see what’s trending in the name game and how aligned my taste is with the rest of the baby namers out there.

Baby Center 2015 Most Popular Names:

Boys:                                                      Girls:

  1. Jackson                                        1. Sophia
  2. Aiden                                             2. Emma
  3. Liam                                              3. Olivia
  4. Lucas                                            4. Ava
  5. Noah                                             5. Mia
  6. Mason                                           6. Isabella
  7. Ethan                                             7. Zoe
  8. Caden                                            8. Lily
  9. Logan                                            9. Emily 
  10. Jacob                                           10. Madison


If you find yourself fascinated by the naming trends as well, check out Nameberry. It’s a site devoted solely to names, with unique lists and features that an expectant parent could get lost in for hours!   Nameberry has an extensive database of names and users, and they have compiled a list of the most popular names from users of their site from around the world.  Check out some of these unique and now trending names!

Most Popular Nameberry Baby Names:

Boys:                                                        Girls:

  1. Ezra                                                1. Charlotte
  2. Asher                                              2. Amelia
  3. Atticus                                            3. Ava
  4. Declan                                            4. Olivia
  5. Oliver                                              5. Cora
  6. Silas                                                6. Eleanor
  7. Milo                                                 7. Isla
  8. Jude                                               8. Lucy
  9. Henry                                             9. Evelyn
  10. Jasper                                           10. Penelope

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