Design Details on a Dime: Target Finds!

Design Details on a Dime: Target Finds!

One of the questions I get asked the most on each and every one of our room designs, is where to find all the accessories! The big pieces in a room can be very taste specific, and while they are the anchor to a space, the accessories are always what pull it together and make it feel complete. Imagine the main furniture as the cookie, and the accessories as the chocolate chips...they bring sooo much to your design! When asking this question, people are almost always shocked to find out, the majority of our accessories are budget friendly. You can often find me the week before a photo shoot scanning my local Target for everything I need! I love that they sell everything from very trendy pieces to timeless pieces, and their prices rarely, if ever break the bank! Since you can buy at such a budget friendly price, you can also easily switch out accessories over time to give the room an update when needed, at a fraction of the cost of a full redesign. 
I love sharing a good Target find with my girlfriends, so I decided to start a new series here on the blog, where once a month I will share my favorite design finds! So without further is what I'm loving right now in the aisles of Target!
First up is one of my favorite finds! I love a good mirror in any space. It adds texture and depth to the space and instantly makes any room feel bigger!
The simplicity of this mirror makes it the perfect touch to a variety of spaces. I love how they paired it with the the taller gold vase on the bottom as well as the wider option with greenery on top. Accessory heaven! And bonus...the mirror comes in a wood finish as well!
Lamps are another favorite of mine to grab at Target. Their selection of trendy neutral options (at an affordable price!) is unmatched! I love this creamy herringbone option for a neutral look, or to tie together a brighter space.
In addition to table lamps, I've recently noticed Targets floor lamps are getting better and better! Love this tripod style! And can you handle that faux sheepskin in the chair?
And this gold globe option? So modern + chic!
I get asked constantly about this fuzzy pink pillow we have used for a lot of our shoots, and if it comes in different colors! I just found an almost identical option on sale this week, that is available in a cream/white option, as well as gray! You cannot go wrong searching out your pillows here! They are always releasing fun new designs!
Shelves! I LOVE a good floating shelf in a space and Target is full of good options! Right now they have this heavy duty option and these adorable cube options on sale, plus other sizes! And that pouf....the perfect foot rest or seat for a little one, and it brings another texture to the space!
I hope you love these fun finds! Stay tuned for more ideas!

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