Three Simple Steps to Creating an Outdoor Space You Love

If you are anything like me, as soon as May rolls around you start to get a little antsy. Trees are in bloom, the snow just might all be melted (gotta love Utah weather), and you know SUMMER is just around the corner!! Summer is my very favorite time of year because it brings together two of my favorite things, being outside to enjoy the fresh air + spending time with my family making memories! Since we spend so much time together outside, I love having a space to gather that is just as functional and inviting as my indoor space. Today I've put together a few simple steps you can take to make your outdoor space creation a breeze (no pun intended). :)
The first step when planning out your design is to make sure it is both comfortable + functional for the stage of your family + your needs. Comfort is number one in my book. If my only option for seating when I go outside is the ground or an old folding chair, I am a lot less likely to take things I could do inside, and enjoy them outside instead. Make the environment inviting and cozy, just like another room in your home would be. The memories you make down the road will be worth the investment you make.
When it comes to the functionality aspect, keep both your stage of life and use for the space in mind. For example, if you have small children, keep that in mind when choosing fabrics. If you plan on hosting friends or extended family, make sure you have the seating necessary so that all you have to do is plan a meal and the party can start!
I love the simplicity of this table + sofa set with side chairs. It provides plenty of seating, and a place to gather around and enjoy a delicious bbq. And those nice thick comfy!
If you want your space to be more focused around meals, look for a big table with a bench. The bench option allows your seating availability to be flexible. What can seat 2-3 adults could also seat 4 kids!
If you have a smaller space to work with, dress it up with an accent table and 2 chairs. Just by adding some chairs, your space will instantly become more functional and you'll find yourself using it and enjoying it much more often!
My second tip is to bring in lighting. Summer nights are some of my very favorite times, and often, those get togethers last late in to the night. You don't want a lack of lighting to be the end to a great event, and with all the fun modern options out there, you'll love the style it brings to your space as well.
These string lights are allll the heart eyes. So simple yet perfect to set the mood as the night goes on.
And how fun are these solar "lantern style" lights?! Yes you read that right, they self charge AND automatically turn on at dusk.
Last but not least is ACCESSORIZE! Accessories are a great way to bring in some added color and texture to your space, and what better way to do it than with plants! We are outside after all, why not bring the natural elements of the area in to your design as a focal point.
I love the way this metallic bronze glaze brings a modern edge to a such simple shape, giving it just a touch of glam.
You can never go wrong with the clean feel a ceramic white planter gives your space. Add a variety of sizes to bring more depth to the space.
Another quick and easy way to accessorize and add some of your personal style to your outdoor space is with a rug or accent pillows!
A rug  creates the "walls" for your space to tie everything together.
Pillows are a great way to bring in a pop of color for the season!
I love the combination of a pattern and a contrasting color in a solid, all tied together with neutrals. It always brings such a fun pop to the space and gives you the feel of more layers and texture.
I hope these simple tips have you ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful world we live in with those your love most!

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