Crib Skirt: The Perfect Nursery Finishing Touch

Crib Skirt: The Perfect Nursery Finishing Touch

In the nursery, the crib will be the main attraction. As the main focal point when you enter the room you’ll want your crib to shine! One nice feature to complete a nursery is the crib skirt. The crib skirt ties together the colors and themes of your nursery from floor to ceiling. 

Crib skirts are amazing for several reasons. The first being they are a safe way to cover up the exposed part of the crib at various heights. Unlike crib bumpers which pose a suffocation hazard for babies, crib skirts provide the same aesthetic appeal of a crib bumper, but won’t be anywhere near your baby’s face. Safe aesthetic appeal is not the only benefit of a crib skirt.

Crib skirts also can cover the space from the base of the crib to the floor. Perhaps you are hiding some extra baby supplies under the crib and don’t want those visible for all to see. The crib skirt drop can cover this while still allowing for storage underneath the crib. However in order to properly cover the space under your crib, you will need the proper crib skirt dimensions. 

The standard crib skirt dimensions are approximately 28” wide, 52” in length with varied drop lengths from 12-17” (mattress to the floor). The crib skirt length varies depending on whether your crib is on the highest or lowest setting. 

When considering what crib skirt to use, you will need to consider the crib skirt dimensions as well as the quality of material. Babies can be messy so you’ll want something sturdy that can be washed. Oilo’s crib skirts are made from a 100% woven cotton canvas which is as soft as it is strong. It is waterproof and machine washable making for easy clean up should the need arise. 


For Girls: The perfect crib skirt for a girls nursery is one that not only blends with the crib sheets but also will tie the rest of the room together; something like this beautiful solid blush crib skirt. The solid light blush color goes perfectly with our more patterned material such as the Prim Floral or Butterfly collections.


For Boys: A darker crib skirt will go really well with a boy themed nursery. Animal themes like our Elephant collection or nature themes such as our Midnight Sky collection, are excellent for a boy nursery. They blend perfectly with the darker solid indigo crib skirt. The solid dark blue will make the colors of the animals or stars pop.


Gender Neutral: For a gender neutral nursery it’s always best to go with neutral colors such as our solid dove taupe crib skirt. We use this crib skirt in our gender neutral collections like the Llama and Cottontail collections which shine when paired with the solid neutral crib skirt. It will be the perfect piece to tie your gender neutral nursery together. 

It’s hard to go wrong with one of Oilo’s crib skirts. They are soft, strong, and have a variety of colors to choose from to complete your nursery. Enjoy finding the perfect finishing touch to your baby’s nursery!

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